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Milk Moonshiner

11 year old Testifies about Raw Milk before Texas Legislature

Raw milk freedom fighter Liz Reitzig interviewed on 106.9 “The Eagle,” based in Hagerstown, Maryland. Audio (Mp3): Part1, Part2, Part3.

Television Commercial by Weston A. Price Foundation Chapter Leader Shawn Dady:  Raw Milk Television Commercial (19MB MOV file; view with QuickTime)

ABC News Segment on Raw Milk. Video (WMV): abc-comments-small (Read article with our rebuttal here: The Raw Milk Movement: Healthy or Hazardous?)

Kojo Nnamdi Show, Aug. 13, 2007, Raw Milk: Nutritious or Health Concern?–NPR radio show, you can listen online by clicking Real Audio or Windows Media under “Listen to this segment” to the right of the show description. NOTE: The Raw Milk segment starts at approximately 8:47 in the show. If the link to the show on Kojo’s site is broken, we also have a copy of the recording on our server. Audio (RAM): 2007AUG13-KojoNnamdi-RawMilk

Sky Radio, August 9, 2007, Sally Fallon talks about raw milk on Sky Radio, which provides the in-flight audio programs in airplanes. Audio (WMA): 2007AUG09-SkyRadio-SallyFallon