Donkey Milk Coming to the US?

A reader submitted the following:

“Just so you know, donkey’s milk is coming to the US! Raw donkey milk is going great guns in France and Belgium. Marie Tack in Belgium sells donkey milk that meets European bacteriological standards. I visited two farms in France and drank milk directly from many burros (delicious!). I will go to Belgium next year to visit Marie myself who milks 50 head of mammoth jennets each day. Donkey milk is the closest milk to human breast milk and is ideal for feeding infants. It is in a state of rediscovery in France and Belgium and will be available here in the future. Donkeys don’t carry bovine diseases. Visit to see her operation.”

It remains to be seen whether this will catch on in the United States and if the milk will be offered unpasteurized. Readers who have additional information about donkey milk in the US, please email the Weston A. Price Foundation at


27 thoughts on “Donkey Milk Coming to the US?

  1. I am looking to purchase donkey’s milk here in the USA. I live in wauconda Illinois. Would you know where I could purchase pure donkey’s milk? My husband grew up drinking the milk. Unbelievable his immune system, skin, muscle tone, nails and hair, it’s incredible. Thank you

      • Never heard of this! What happens to baby donkeys? I know for a fact that horse type animals produce too much milk for one foal. I know what happens to dairy calves. Kinda grim for the baby bulls in particular usually.

    • hi esther,
      i live in chile now but grew up in the chicago area with a summer cottage in wauconda. i am investigating the possibility of moving into that house for a time and putting my son in the waldorf, so i would be interested in getting in touch with you. i would definitely be looking for real food resources and people with related outlooks with whom to share. for example, here in chile i participate in a cowshare and may soon start boarding a donkey in exchange for use of its milk. you can contact me at marciewhite at gmail if you are interested.

  2. Hi, We are manufacturer donkey milk and cheese. Anyone who want, please send us an email . Wecan work with your situation.

  3. I have an autistic child and am looking for Donkey and Camels milk to aid in her growth potential. Any information you may have to offer would be greatly appreciated.

  4. Dear Parent with the child with autism:
    please look into NACD- their programs greatly help reconnect
    the correct brain association patterns of children who are diagnosed with this condition.
    The programs are parent intensive, and will train You in ways you never thought, while
    greatly helping your child to relate the way everyone else functions in this crazy veil of tears.
    DO NOT BELIEVE that this condition is forever- NOR BELIEVE one cannot be healed/cured/corrected of it. Those that tell you this are DEEPLY INVESTED IN THE MEDICAL “SYSTEM”, and are IGNORANT BY CHOICE. Your choice to DIET CHANGE is definitely going in the right direction.

  5. Well I am hoping to bring donkey milk into the US, this will take me some time, because there are a lot of laws in the US that do not allow for unpasterurized milk. Its an obstacle that I am willing to take on, because of all the health benefits that donkey milk has to offer. Wish me luck!!!

  6. I have an autistic child. The only way I was able to get it was to purchase my own donkeys and milk them. But being a mom I will do what it takes for my son’s health!

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