Raw Milk In Canada Heats Up

Families will rally for raw milk in Canada at upcoming court hearing

If you want to see raw milk in Canada widely available, consider supporting this upcoming court case and rally. When people search for raw milk, usually sources abound. After all, it is available in most countries and all 50 states. Even in the places where it is difficult to find, there are still options. One might wonder why there is so much opposition to raw milk in Canada when there is strong support for raw milk in other parts of North America and Europe.

As reported on Nourishing Liberty, famous Canadian dairy farmer, Michael Schmidt, his wife, Elisa, and son, are named in an injunction to permanently cease distribution of raw milk in Canada, specifically, Ontario. Also targeted are the individual herdshare owners as “Jane Doe” and “John Doe.” These citizens who enjoy raw milk government is attempting to enjoin them for distribution or even recommending raw milk to others.

By implicating “Jane Doe” and “John Doe,” for the first time, the Canadian government is allowing it to pertain to anyone involved, including mothers. Canadian mothers are now explicitly threatened with arrest simply for participating in a herdshare. This is a new low, even for Canada, to hold raw milk trial in such a way.

As one raw milk proponent, Angela Kang, says, “What is safe raw milk to me? It is my direct, unadulterated connection to the Earth that feeds my family and me. It is as intimate of a relationship as my relationship with my God. We are supposed to be a country of peace and tolerance and acceptance. No government in a free country should interfere with this. I want raw milk in Canada.”

If you are anywhere near Canada, join the mothers, farmers and community at the food rights rally as they gather to celebrate the connection they have with their food.

Organizers of the rally say, “We envision farmers peacefully feeding their communities so we and future generations may be nurtured by the gifts of the land. And in turn nurture the earth through our inherent connections. The goal of this rally and celebration is to bring this vision to the front and stand empowered to proudly participate in our communities through peaceful food production and food distribution.”

Read more about the case on the Nourishing Liberty Blog, Raw Milk Trial In Canada

Michael Schmidt and his supporters are raising funds for their legal defense. Please contribute on the Michael Schmidt GoFundMe page.

If you would like to help spread the word, here is a Food Rights Rally Flyer with all the details.

Family Food Freedom Rally Family Food Freedom rally for raw milk in Canada

To learn more about raw milk and other nutrient dense foods, visit westonaprice.org

8 thoughts on “Raw Milk In Canada Heats Up

  1. i believe raw milk should be available to all canadians who want it i think our goverment should keep there nose out of it myself i would love to know where i can buy raw milk for myself i live in ontario alvinston.i remember drinking it as a child and it was the best milk i ever drank. thank you for reading this short note . dianna

  2. It’s our right to eat healthy . We need real milk like what our grandparents had . Our kids and their kids have the right to eat healthy and live longer . Our body is our property back of government.

  3. Can we start a petition on Sumofus for the government to legalise the sale of raw milk” Which government – federal or provincial?

  4. Big corporations regulate the food industry and governments support them because they have their votes and money- when you go to the grocery store ;you buy the left over produce that big food chains can’t use – dairy makes up half of these products and they need chemicals like formaldehyde to keep them on the shelf as long as possible – it kills natural bacteria found in probiotics that is required to sustain the healthy qualities of milk – raw milk is the ideal food and our right to choose what food and where we buy our food for our families is our democratic right and freedom-

  5. Are we supposed to feed our children store bought milk which is not fit to give to our cats or dogs? Every vet will advise you not to give milk to your cat / dog because they are “lactose intolerant” . I say this is not the problem because I have fed many, many cats and puppies raw milk and have raised one day old kittens with raw milk whereas the puppies or kittens will get very sick and possibly die if they are fed store bought pasteurized milk.
    My son was very sick as an infant and turned yellow with liver problems and had to be hospitalized but once I gave him raw milk, on the advise of a doctor, he thrived and has been well ever since.
    Are our children not worth more than our cats and dogs?

  6. It is utterly ridiculous that unprocessed milk is still unavailable in a country like Canada! While work is being done to make marijuana widely available, government organizations are cracking down on farmer’s who provide unprocessed milk to their customers. How ridiculous is that?! The fact that it is safely and widely distributed, even in vending machines on street corners in Europe, makes it ludicrous that charges can be laid against someone for simply providing or accessing the stuff. Until we stop bowing down to the almighty dollar and start valuing what has real and intrinsic value, like wholesome, locally raised and grown food, we will not progress very far as a civilization.

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