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We have received a number of comments about Amaar Milk so I have provided comments on a separate page.

Positive Feedback

Received 11/30/2011: The food he delivers is outstanding, you can taste the difference, and his milk does not have the artificially long shelf lifr of supermarket milk. He also sells outstanding beef, chicken, and eggs.–Sherry

Negative Feedback

Received 11/16/2011: I wanted to inform you that our CSA was using this seller for Raw Milk and eggs this year. He was consistent until one day he didn’t show up. After repeated calls and attempts to contact him, he never came back. It was strange and frustrating since we had an agreement with him for the season. I would suggest anyone trying to use this seller to use caution. –N. Kelly

Received 07/04/2011: A reader wrote, “Amaar Milk informed me that tested his milk and made sure that it is organic grass-fed milk before listing him on” PLEASE NOTE: does not have the resources to test milk, visit each farm, or confirm ANY of the information listed here. Thus we cannot confirm Amaar milk is organic or grass fed. All information comes from people like you who are looking for raw milk. It is important that you check out the source for yourself.


18 thoughts on “Amaar Milk Feedback

    • This so frustrating. Raw Milk has so many benefits but
      1) No one can guarantee us if the farmers in fact use grass fed cows for their milk production
      2) It is hard to find one farm that actually delivers to NYC

      I am giving up and will continue to purchase my milk from the supermarket. I will make sure is organic and only 1% fat

      • If you are going to buy pasteurized milk from the store, there are some brands that are grass fed and organic, and not homogenized. Whole milk is best; low fat and skim milk should be avoided for two reasons. One is that you need the fat to digest the fat soluble vitamins, and to assimilate the protein and minerals. Perhaps you’ll get enough fat from the rest of your meal, but this is not guaranteed especially if you are choosing lean meat and lowfat versions of other foods. When they reduce the fat in milk, the naturally occurring vitamins A and D go with it because they are in the fat. Manufacturers add synthetic A and D back which are not as bioavailable and not as usable without the fat anyway.

        Another reason to buy whole milk is that in lower fat/skim milks, manufacturers typically add powdered/dried skim milk to improve the “mouth feel” and taste. The powdering process oxidizes the cholesterol in the milk. Cholesterol is your friend unless it is oxidized, so powdered milk (and eggs) and foods containing them should be avoided. Since the powdered milk is “milk”, the label will just say “milk” without indicating that some of it is powdered.

        • That is really good information, most of which I knew, but I’m glad to see you’re sharing it with people who may not know. It’s so important to get the correct information out there since there is so much inaccurate and possibly dangerous information telling us these things are good, i.e. low fat and skim milk, and most of what they sell in average grocery stores. Thank you.

  1. I’m looking for raw cheeses as well as cottage cheese. I’m also interested in unpasteurized yogurt. I live in central NJ, Manville
    Any ideas where I can go or who to contact?

    • Debi,

      I live close by in Franklin Park. Have you had any luck? Maybe if we found a few others in our area it would appeal to a PA/NY farm to deliver to our area?

  2. I am interested in buying raw real milk and would like to know. how i can purchase from you…

    I don’t problem will travel to the farms
    but don’t know where to go.

    I live in New York City. Thank you.

  3. i live in Suffolk county Long Island and would like to get raw milk either delivered or pick up. Anyone know of locations in Suffolk county?

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