Important Message to All Raw Milk Producers and Consumers:
The Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund (FTCLDF) protects your right to provide and obtain raw milk. All raw milk producers should be members of the FTCLDF and we strongly encourage all raw milk consumers to help protect their access to raw milk by becoming consumer members as well.

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Important Notes about the Listings

  1. RAW MILK POLICY STATEMENT: The Weston A. Price Foundation’s goals include promoting a healthy diet for people everywhere, based on natural and traditional foods, and assisting individuals and families in accessing those foods through information, education, and helping to restore the direct relationship between food consumers and food producers. The Foundation believes, based on sound scientific evidence, that raw milk is an important component of a healthy diet. To assist its members and the public in obtaining raw milk, the Foundation publishes a list of farms that produce it, because this information is not otherwise readily and comprehensively available to consumers. Listing of a farm does not imply endorsement by the Foundation. Individuals who purchase raw milk and other natural foods for themselves and their families need to “know their farmer” because they bear the responsibility for ensuring that they are getting safe and healthy products.
  2. NO ADVERTISING: The Foundation accepts no money for the listings; the listings are not advertisements. All listings are at the sole discretion of the Weston A. Price Foundation.
  3. NO MARKETING: The email addresses listed here are not to be used for any purpose other than to contact the farmers regarding the availability of their products. Use of the listed email addresses for marketing or other such purposes is strictly prohibited.
  4. RAW MILK CONSUMERS PLEASE NOTE: This list of raw milk sources probably represents only a portion of the raw milk producers in your state. For additional raw milk sources, contact your local Weston A. Price Foundation Chapter Leader.
  5. RAW MILK PRODUCERS PLEASE NOTE: The FDA and State Agencies have discovered this list and sometimes use it for their own purposes, so exercise caution with your listing. If you choose not to have a listing, make sure your local WAPF Chapter Leader has your name for referrals.
  6. USDA, FDA and STATE AG AGENCIES PLEASE NOTE: Raw milk is Nature’s perfect food and is extremely important for the developing brains and nervous systems of infants and children. Furthermore, in many children not fortunate enough to have started life on raw milk, raw milk given later in childhood has improved autism, behavior problems, frequent infections, deafness, asthma and allergies and other serious health conditions. Please bear in mind that any move you make to stop or hinder a raw dairy operation will actually HARM, not help the infants and children who rely on that milk, and may make it difficult for all children to obtain this milk in the future–including your own children and grandchildren. An interruption in supply can be VERY detrimental to a growing infant or sick child who has no other options. Read for yourself on our Testimonials page. If you are concerned about safety, rest assured. In the farm-to-consumer distribution model, the farmer receives timely and relevant feedback directly from the customers, something that farmers selling bulk milk never receive. Raw milk is actually the safest food around with so much consumer oversight and also with an extremely efficient built-in anti-pathogen mechanism! If you are concerned about rules, then consider investing the same amount of time you’d spend persecuting a raw milk farmer into advocating for supportive raw milk legislation.
  7. LISTING SOURCES: The listings here are provided by people who discover sources of real milk in their communities and tell us about them. If you discover a listed supplier is no longer providing real milk, please tell us about it by following the instructions on the Add, Update, or Remove a Listing page. We trust our members and consumers to check out each farm to make sure it is clean and that the cows are mostly pasture fed.

Sources of real milk and real milk products in Maryland:

Baltimore: Grassfed Beef & Dairy, email:  Raw dairy, beef, pork, chicken, eggs, and more from pastured animals via a private buying club.

Brandywine (southern Prince George’s County): P. A. Bowen Farmstead, Sally Fallon Morell and Geoffrey Morell, 15701 Doctor Bowen Road, Brandywine MD 20613; phone: 301-579-2727; web: Raw blue and Cheddar cheese from pastured cows, by cheesemaker Sally Fallon Morell. Pastured pork, eggs, poultry, beef, and veal. Turkeys at Thanksgiving. All rations are soy free. Farm tours every Saturday at 11 AM.

Carroll County: email: 100 percent grass-fed dairy. Raw milk, cheese, cream, butter, yogurt, kefir, etc. Raw goat milk products, too. Also, pasture raised organic poultry and eggs. Woodland raised pork. No antibiotics or hormones used. No soy. Homemade fermented foods and prepared foods, such as; mustard, breads, tomato juice, granola, pizza sauce, etc. Private buying club.  Please give your full name and reason for wanting to join.

Charlotte Hall: Slippery Slope Farm; phone: 301-934-3849; email: . Raw goat and cow milk for pet consumption. Yogurt, kefir, and cheeses available. Brown eggs from free-range, nesting hens. All animals are raised without chemicals or hormones. Registered Nigerian Dwarf, Mini-Nubian, and Pygora kids for sale (Nigerian Dwarf & Nubian goats are know for the high butterfat content of their milk). They highly socialize the goats so they also make great pets. Old English Bantam chicks for sale.

Dickerson: Cori Antignani, West Hunter Rd 20839, phone: 860-942-1355, email:, Facebook: LuckyCloverFarmCorisCropsCraftsAndMore. Raw milk and dairy products from La Mancha dairy goats. Animals are grass fed without any chemical or hormone treatments. Raw milk, several types of fresh cheese, frozen custard and raw yogurt available. Also available: Fresh sourdough breads, canned jams and pickles, fresh and dried herbs, grass fed beef, pork and rabbit, and hand crafted milk soaps. Text or email for more information and to arrange a visit.

Frederick County: Ijamsville, email: percent grass-fed dairy. Raw cows milk, cheese, cream, butter, yogurt, kefir, etc. Raw goat milk products, too. Also, pasture raised organic poultry and eggs. Woodland raised pork. No antibiotics or hormones used. No soy. Homemade fermented foods and some prepared foods, such as; mustard, breads, tomato juice, granola, pizza sauce, etc. Private buying club. Please give full name and reason for wanting to join when emailing.

Gapland: Caprikorn Farms LLC, Alice Orzechowski, 20312 Townsend Road, Gapland MD 21779; phone: 301-304-4803; email:; web:  Goats are raised in a completely natural manner, using no artificial growth hormones. The farm’s artisan goat cheeses are hand-crafted in farmstead tradition. Products include raw goat milk cheddars, gouda, and feta, and pasteurized fresh and flavored chevres. Voted best cheese by Baltimore Magazine in 2012.

Hughesville: Soy-free eggs and milk in Hughesville MD; phone: 301-274-9031; email: Raw goat milk available for pet consumption or soap making. Goats are fed browse, alfalfa hay, and organic (soy free) goat rations. Also eggs from free-range hens supplemented with organic (soy free) feed. All animals are raised without chemicals or hormones. Registered Alpine kids for sale.

Jessup: Grassfed Beef & Dairy, email: Raw dairy, beef, pork, chicken, eggs, and more from pastured animals via a private buying club.

Kensington area: email: 100 percent grass-fed dairy. Raw milk, cheese, cream, butter, yogurt, kefir, etc. Raw goat milk products, too. Also, pasture raised organic poultry and eggs. Woodland raised pork. No antibiotics or hormones used. No soy. Homemade fermented foods and prepared foods, such as; mustard, breads, tomato juice, granola, pizza sauce, etc. Private buying club.  Please give your full name and reason for wanting to join.

Rockville/Kensington/Bethesda: Grassfed Beef & Dairy, email: Raw dairy, beef, pork, chicken, eggs, and more from pastured animals via a private buying club.



57 thoughts on “Maryland

  1. I am staying in Columbia ,MD. I want to drink Raw milk as I have benn using it for about 35 years in India. After taking pasturized milk, my health is degrading.So I want to switch back to Raw Milk.Please confirm how can I get Raw milk in Columbia area.

    • Dear Arminder, Just a note to find out if you received any feedback on where to find raw dairy. I too am interested in purchasing, particularly raw goat kefir and butter. Thank you! Have a great day!

      • If you look under MD, you will find places that may be close to you. These are private buying clubs and you must contact them through the email listed with the ad.

    • I was doing some research, moving to Mt. Airy next month and would like some details on where to access/order Raw milk, etc. My family is big on grass-fed and pastured meats as well and any resources would be appreciated.Thanks!

        • Good Morning,

          I live near Brunswick and would love to order with you all to obtain raw milk. Please email me with details if you all proceed.

          Thank you and have a great day!


      • I am in the Frederick area. I am a Realtor. If you are looking to move to the Mt. Airy area I would be happy to help. I too am looking into Raw milk and products. I am now getting fresh milk from South Mountain Creamery. They do a much better job of Pasteurizing than store bought milk. I love their products, but I am just learning of Raw Milk.

    • Hi, I buy I guess what’s considered semi-raw milk from the Lewes Farmer’s Market in Delaware. The milk is from a farm in Federalsburg, Md. called Nice Farms I hope that helps. It’s from pasture fed cows w/ no hormones or antibiotics (doesn’t create the hormone storm that’s talked about). It’s the best milk available in the Delaware beaches area.

  2. I was also told that raw goats milk is illegal to sell in Maryland. Can someone please tell me where I can purchase raw goats milk as I beleive it is natures perfect food. Thank You

  3. I was looking to purchase raw milk in the Baltimore, MD (zip 21244).
    Is there any farm in MD (closest to Baltimore) where I can purchase raw milk on a recurring/weekly basis?
    Many thanks for your response!

  4. hello iam changing my diet for preventive health,really need unpasterized milk please help,i live in owings mill md area,just learning to use computer so please let me no u got this .thanks soo much in advance.

  5. I need raw milk and raw cream pr half and half that is organic grass fed no hormones
    I live in ellicott city MD. I have had heart attack rare condition caused by hormones. Please email me.

  6. In Maryland some smaller pet stores may have raw goat milk for pet consumption. If near Baltimore with a car, take I-83 north to Shrewsbury, just over the Pennsylvania line, and go to Saubel’s Market. Not a bad drive, and they are right off the exit in the town.

  7. ti thank you so much,i also just got that exact information today from a new frd.the universe is answering me!!!!!!!

    • I live in Columbia md and work in jessup and want to start drinking raw milk for health purposes. Where do I go to find?

      • I live in Columbia, MD too. I like to drink raw milk again as 100% grass-feed beef and raw cheese. Where can I go and pick them up?


    • I haven’t drink milk (except half n half for coffee) for many years and I remember I drank real milk (cold or hot) with sugar when I was kid. I want to drink it for health benefit again.

      I live in Columbia, MD too.

  8. I was told the same thing and Yes it is illegal in Maryland to sell raw milk- how outrageous!! Here’s the part of this site with info:
    I’m down in Southern Maryland farms all around – Amish nearby but can’t get raw milk. That’s just nuts. I spent the last three months in Switzerland with beautiful grass fed cows grazing lazily in the sun – raw milk was abundant from the local farmer.

      • You can purchase raw milk( organic, pastured ) in Pennsylvania. Not a long drive to York or other southern towns if your not too far south into md.

  9. I just tried to contact the farm in the Hughsville, MD. The email has bounced back to me. Does anyone have an email address that works or any other information?

  10. Maryland folks, call PA Bowen in Brandywine and ask them if they know how to reach them. Sally Fallon owns that farm and she is the one that started the WAPF, who runs this website. Maybe they can help you that way. I, TOO, live in S. MD and want to visit the place in Charlotte Hall. Sounds wonderful! P A Bowen is great. We get fantastic eggs, meat, poultry from them as well as FCLO.

  11. Greetings to all

    I live in Bethesda Maryland for the past 3 years, am a South African by birth. In South Africa I was able to obtain raw milk to make my own Kefir, Yogurt and drink raw milk with which I never had a problem. Since being in the US I react to all dairy products and really do miss my Kefir which was a great help to restore my gut health with the flora I need.’

    My zip code is 20817.

    Would someone be so kind to let me know where I would be able to obtain raw milk in my area.

    Best regards and thanks for any response

  12. Greetings To All Raw Milk Lovers

    I live in Elkridge, Maryland and I am from Southern Africa by birth.
    I am looking to buy per week raw cow milk by the gallon for pet food.
    I am willing to pickup from the farm.
    Please contact by email:
    My zip code is 21075.

    Would someone let me know where I would be able to buy raw milk in the vicinity.


  13. 《Peace be unto you-al》You know, as I contemplate the word (ILLEGAL) I think about the so called laws of this country. What comes to mind is the fact that, it’s illegal to read someones’
    Email, to listen in on conversations that is not your business, to murder in cold blood without
    provocation, to steal meddle in other countries’ business affairs, to wsntonly lie to the amreican
    people, to poison peoples’ food, to lie in court, to assault any public servant, to break into peoples’
    homes under false pretenses. ……etc, etc, etc. So now, it’s illegal to purchase something that’s
    going too give or make you healthy. What’s wrong with that picture, people? Don’t you think we
    need to critique their behavior? If you don’t, then, you’re saying, it’s okay. If I do, they might kill me,
    or they might lock me up. Who should you fear, them or GOD? You’re going to die anyway!

  14. I live in annapolis right near the bay bridge. Where would be the closest place for me? Are there any coop groups? Thanks.

  15. I live in the Columbis, MD area. I am interested in purchasing raw milk products. Csn someone please give me some guidance?

    Thank you.

  16. Amazing. I live on the Eastern Shore of Maryland and have even checked Delaware and Virginia and it seems there are no place to purchase raw milk products anywhere on the Delmarva peninsula. Sad as it’s such a large farming region.

    Been checking back here on and off for some time If anyone hears of anything, please do let me know. Thanks.

    • Raw milk for people cannot be sold from a farm in MD. It’s illegal. However, sometimes you can find raw goat’s milk labeled for pet consumption.

  17. The only one close to Hagerstown is Your Family Cow that delivers to State Line, PA, just north of you. Go to to learn more.

  18. I live in Baltimore County and I’m looking for raw milk and cheese and grass fed meats. If anyone has any information please let me know!

  19. I live in Alexandria, VA zip code 22304. Could you please help me in finding a raw milk source along with pasture raised poultry and eggs? Maria

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