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Important Message to All Raw Milk Producers and Consumers:
The Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund (FTCLDF) protects your right to provide and obtain raw milk. All raw milk producers should be members of the FTCLDF and we strongly encourage all raw milk consumers to help protect their access to raw milk by becoming consumer members as well.

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Important Notes about the Listings

  1. RAW MILK POLICY STATEMENT: The Weston A. Price Foundation’s goals include promoting a healthy diet for people everywhere, based on natural and traditional foods, and assisting individuals and families in accessing those foods through information, education, and helping to restore the direct relationship between food consumers and food producers. The Foundation believes, based on sound scientific evidence, that raw milk is an important component of a healthy diet. To assist its members and the public in obtaining raw milk, the Foundation publishes a list of farms that produce it, because this information is not otherwise readily and comprehensively available to consumers. Listing of a farm does not imply endorsement by the Foundation. Individuals who purchase raw milk and other natural foods for themselves and their families need to “know their farmer” because they bear the responsibility for ensuring that they are getting safe and healthy products.
  2. NO ADVERTISING: The Foundation accepts no money for the listings; the listings are not advertisements. All listings are at the sole discretion of the Weston A. Price Foundation.
  3. NO MARKETING: The email addresses listed here are not to be used for any purpose other than to contact the farmers regarding the availability of their products. Use of the listed email addresses for marketing or other such purposes is strictly prohibited.
  4. RAW MILK CONSUMERS PLEASE NOTE: This list of raw milk sources probably represents only a portion of the raw milk producers in your state. For additional raw milk sources, contact your local Weston A. Price Foundation Chapter Leader.
  5. RAW MILK PRODUCERS PLEASE NOTE: The FDA and State Agencies have discovered this list and sometimes use it for their own purposes, so exercise caution with your listing. If you choose not to have a listing, make sure your local WAPF Chapter Leader has your name for referrals.
  6. USDA, FDA and STATE AG AGENCIES PLEASE NOTE: Raw milk is Nature’s perfect food and is extremely important for the developing brains and nervous systems of infants and children. Furthermore, in many children not fortunate enough to have started life on raw milk, raw milk given later in childhood has improved autism, behavior problems, frequent infections, deafness, asthma and allergies and other serious health conditions. Please bear in mind that any move you make to stop or hinder a raw dairy operation will actually HARM, not help the infants and children who rely on that milk, and may make it difficult for all children to obtain this milk in the future–including your own children and grandchildren. An interruption in supply can be VERY detrimental to a growing infant or sick child who has no other options. Read for yourself on our Testimonials page. If you are concerned about safety, rest assured. In the farm-to-consumer distribution model, the farmer receives timely and relevant feedback directly from the customers, something that farmers selling bulk milk never receive. Raw milk is actually the safest food around with so much consumer oversight and also with an extremely efficient built-in anti-pathogen mechanism! If you are concerned about rules, then consider investing the same amount of time you’d spend persecuting a raw milk farmer into advocating for supportive raw milk legislation.
  7. LISTING SOURCES: The listings here are provided by people who discover sources of real milk in their communities and tell us about them. If you discover a listed supplier is no longer providing real milk, please tell us about it by following the instructions on the Add, Update, or Remove a Listing page. We trust our members and consumers to check out each farm to make sure it is clean and that the cows are mostly pasture fed.

Sources of real milk and real milk products in South Carolina:

Statewide-Private Buying Club:

  • Miller’s Biodiversity Farm: leave a message at: 717-786-7895. 100 percent grass-fed. 100 percent of their milk is A2-A2. Real nutrient-dense products directly from the farmer. They ship nationally to doors in all 48 contiguous states. Reduced or free delivery to groups in NJ, NY, and MA. Open to establishing new drop sites throughout the US. Willing to be a vendor at your workshop or conference. Products: raw grass-fed milk – cow, goat, sheep and camel, raw yogurt – cow, goat and sheep, raw kefir – cow, goat and sheep, raw cheese – cow, goat and sheep, raw cream, sour cream, cottage cheese w/ cream, butter, ice cream; pasture raised meats – beef, pork and soy-free poultry, soy-free fertile pastured eggs, beef suet, tallow, pork fat, lard, beef and chicken stocks, cultured vegetables, homemade breads, soaked/dried nuts and seeds, raw honey, maple syrup, kombucha, beet kvass. They are a buying club; free to create an account and purchase with them. Visit for details or to place an order. They guarantee customer service and product quality.

Abbeville/Due West/Greenwood Areas: Southern Oaks Jersey Farm, Mark Wiley Owner/Operator, 1458 Hwy. 20, Abbeville SC (4 miles W of Abbeville, 6 miles E from Due West), phone: 864-391-1898, web: Family-owned and operated, all-Jersey dairy farm producing Grade A raw milk. They do not use steroids or hormones and their milk meets all DHEC regulations. Milk is sold for $5/gallon or $3.50/half-gallon.


  • Historical Herbals Homestead Dairy, 478 Pearl Bonnett Rd, Windsor (approximately 18 miles outside Aiken), phone: 803-266-5406, email: (use subject “goat milk”). G’anny operated, SC licensed small homestead and dairy. Raw milk, non-homogenized. No hormones, modified grains, chemicals, or herbicides used. In extreme cases where a medication must be given, their product is destroyed for quite a while. Farm sales are limited to appointment only for now. Family tours/outings of the farm are available. Naturally grown produce available, varies each season. Most vegetables are from historical seeds, but G’anny often plants unusually colored hybrids that pique the curiosity of children (and adults). Be patient with the answering machine, all calls are returned.
  • One Ash Farm and Dairy, Roland, Lee Ann Perez, 2886 Piper Road, Ridge Spring, SC, 29129, phone: (803) 649-9172, email:, web:, Facebook: Family run and operated grade A raw milk dairy. No hormones or steroids. Pastured cows. Five miles off exit 22 on I-20. We sell off the farm by appointment and at local farmers markets. Milk is sold for $7/gallon, $4.50/half gallon. Please give us a call or send an email to get all the details.
  • Palmetto Nursery & Florist and Samaria Farm, Sam & Maria Stevens, 770 E. Pine Log Rd., Aiken SC 29803, phone: 803-645-5111, email: Small Grade A Raw Milk family farm – Nubian goat & Jersey Cow. No pesticides or hormones are used. Milk is available at Palmetto Nursery & Florist on Pine Log Rd., or directly from the farm. Goat Milk $7.00 1/2 gal, Jersey Cow  $7.00 gal.

Anderson: Split Creek Farm LLC, 3806 Centerville Rd., Anderson SC 29625, phone: 864-287-3921, email:, web: Grade A goat dairy selling raw goat milk year round in half-gallon bottles. No hormones or antibiotics used. No pesticides or herbicides used on their pastures. They also produce goat cheese, goat milk soap, and goat milk fudge. The farm has a retail shop open to the public. Tours of the farm are available on a prearranged basis.

Antreville (Anderson area): CowsRUs Farm, Jennifer, phone: 864-348-2680, email: Whole raw milk from Jersey cows that are on pasture year-round. Their cows have never been treated with BST or any type of steroid/chemical to increase production. They do not bottle milk until you purchase it.

Batesburg:Sugar Nanny, 165 Harness Road Batesburg, SC 29006, phone: 330-234-1881, email:, web: Unpasteurized milk 12 months out of the year. They raise registered American Saanen dairy goats, fed GMO-free food and fresh fodder each day. They are also pasture-raised. Herdshares or product shares available. Non-GMO goat milk soap, caramel, cajeta, yogurt and cheese also available.

Belton/Honea Path: Slone’s Blessings LLC, 1114 Hwy 413, Anderson SC 29621, phone: 864-642-9110, email: Grade A goat dairy.

Bluffton: Back to Nature Natural Food Store, 1125 May River Rd., Bluffton SC 29910, phone: 843-757-7848, cell: 843-298-7200, web: Grade A whole raw milk from Butter Patch Farms in Saluda.

Cameron: email: Raw sheep milk available. Not a GMO-free farm – we buy feed mill products. $10/half gallon.


  • Farmers Market has raw milk from Sea Island Jerseys on Saturdays.
  • Geer’s Barber Shop, 1649 Savannah Hwy # A, phone: 843-766-7735.
  • Jeremiah Farm & Goat Dairy, Casey Price, phone: 843-559-1678, email:, web: Grade A raw goat milk in half-gallon bottles, available seasonally. No hormones or antibiotics used; no pesticides or herbicides used on pasture or woodlands. They also offer demonstrations of home cheese making and guided farm tours to families and small groups are arranged by appointment (fee).
  • Sea Island Jerseys, Celeste Albers, phone: 843-559-5095. Grade A raw milk, licensed and inspected. Their milk is 100% grass-fed year round. No grain is fed; no hormones administered; no pesticides are used on the pastures. Cows are certified Johnes-free. Milk is available at the Charleston Farmers market on Saturday mornings, the Glass Onion on Highway 17 (phone: 843-225-1717), I’On Health in Mt. Pleasant (phone: 843-971-1000), and Stono Market on John’s Island (phone: 843-559-9999).
  • Seaside Chiropractic, Dr. Erikka Curia, 1317 Long Grove Dr., Mount Pleasant, SC 29464, phone: 843-971-1000, email:, website:, Facebook: seasidechiro. Raw milk from Sea Island Jerseys and farm fresh pastured eggs from Fili-West Farms. They are also the home of the Charleston chapter of The Weston A. Price Foundation.

Columbia: Rosewood Market. Raw milk from Milky Way Farm (see farm’s listing below under Starr SC).

Donalds: Didaskalos Farm, Craig and Elizabeth Scott, 5251 Highway 184E, phone: 864-379-8997, cell: 256-303-9149, email:, Facebook: Didaskalos Farm. Currently A2/A2 grass fed raw milk available in small quantities. Registered miniature Jersey cow is giving an excess of milk at this time. They are not a dairy and don’t want to compete with others, so if you are drinking raw milk from another dairy don’t give it up. This farm does have a specialized cow and those who perhaps need milk from an A2/A2 cow can benefit. They are bottle feeding her new calf and once weaned will have more available. They are a small farm promoting sustainable agriculture. They use no chemicals, just organic practices. Cow’s diet consists of grass when available, non-GMO fermented alfalfa hay and timothy grass pellets. They supply free choice kelp, Redmond salt and New Country organics dairy minerals. They milk and strain in stainless steel only, store all milk in glass. Cow is checked routinely for any problems with her milk production. Milk currently sells for $4/ half gallon. There is a $2 deposit required for their glass milk jugs. If jug is returned deposit is refunded. They also have a limited supply of eggs from chickens and ducks. Chickens and ducks are fed organic feed and free range daily. Chicken eggs $4/ dozen; duck eggs are $.50 each. Please call the farm as supplies are limited. Farm visits are welcome, just call before you come. Also bring an extra pair of shoes to tour the farm with as you have the potential of getting dirty. Farm is open daily from 8 am to 5 pm. Closed on Sundays.

Easley: Back to Nature, Susan Reedy, 106 Pelzer Hwy, Easley SC 29642, phone: 864-859-0708, Facebook: Back to Nature. This health food store carries M&M Dairy raw cow milk and raw buttermilk, Split Creek Farms raw goat milk and cheeses, Happy Cow rolled butter, organic food, gluten-free food, grass-fed beef, and Springer Mountain chicken.

Fort Mill: Milky Way Farm (see full listing below under Starr SC),web: Raw milk delivery every week at the Narroway Theatre at exit #90 on I 77. Please order ahead.


  • Brick House Farms, Jim and Eve Lyle, 1139 Brick House Rd., Gaffney SC 29340, phone: 864-490-7108, email:, web: Whole raw Jersey cow milk, light cream, and buttermilk from Milky Way Farm (see their listing under Starr SC). They also offer 100% grass-fed Devon and Angus beef, pastured Rare Gourmet Red Wattle and Berkshire pork, pastured eggs, pastured Heritage and Broad Breasted White Turkeys, pastured Label Rouge style chickens, pastured Delaware and Buckeye chickens, and pastured lamb. No hormones, antibiotics, pesticides, or herbicides used. Tours available by appointment.
  • Milky Way Farm (see full listing below under Starr SC),web: Raw milk delivery every two weeks on Wednesday at Exit #90 on I 85. Please order ahead.


  • Milky Way Farm (see full listing below under Starr SC),web: Raw milk delivery every two weeks on Wednesday at exit #40 on I 85 at 10:00. Please order ahead.
  • Swamp Rabbit Cafe and Grocery, Mary Walsh and Jacqueline Oliver, 205 Cedar Lane Rd., Greenville SC 29611, phone: 864-255-3385, web:, Facebook: swamprabbitcafe. They carry Milky Way Farm’s raw cow milk, Split Creek Farms raw goat cheeses, Happy Cow milk, butter and cheese, and also produce, dry goods, and meats from over 50 local farms. The Cafe serves breakfast, lunch, pastries, and coffee all day.
  • White’s Jersey Dairy, Wilbur R. White, phone: 864-895-2358. Grade A raw milk.

Johns Island: Burden Creek Dairy, Kipp and Katherine Valentine, 2755 Exchange Landing, Johns Island SC 29455, phone: 843-559-1035 or 843-709-0552. Raw goat milk.

Lamar/Florence Area : Lone Palmetto Farms, LLC: 656 Windhamtown Rd., Lamar SC 29069, phone: 843-319-8734, email:, web:, Facebook: Grade A goat dairy (SC permit #31612) offering raw goat milk from herd of registered Alpine, Nubian and LaMancha goats. No hormones or antibiotics used. Milk is available by the half-gallon in markets in Columbia, Camden, Charleston, Timmonsville, Hartsville, Florence, and Myrtle Beach. See Facebook page for information on the market/delivery schedule. Market locations are listed at In addition to raw goat milk, they offer handmade goat milk soap and other natural products.

Lexington: 14 Carrot Whole Foods, 5300 Sunset Blvd., Lexington SC. Whole, raw milk from Butter Patch Jerseys.

Little River: Copacetic Farm LLC, Sallie Bellamy, 2000 Hwy 57 N, Little River SC 29566, phone: 843-957-8741, email:, web:, Facebook: This licensed Grade A goat dairy sells unpasteurized (raw) goat milk by the half gallon. It is available by appointment on the farm. It is also available at certain local stores and at local farmers markets.

Myrtle Beach: Bay Naturals, 7611 North Kings Highway, Myrtle Beach, 843-448-0011. Raw milk products.

North Augusta: Organically You, 5979 Jefferson Davis Highway, phone: 803-279-9534, web: Offers raw, Grade A whole milk from Butter Patch Farms out of Saluda. Butter Patch Farms and Organically You are both Certified South Carolina.

North Myrtle Beach: Bay Naturals, 556 Highway 17 North, N Myrtle Beach, 843-272-4436 (near Home Depot and Walmart). Raw milk products.

Pickens: Bee Well Honey & Natural Market, Kerry Owen, 205 Hampton Ave, Pickens SC 29671, phone: 864-898-5122, email:, web: Honey, raw milk from a local dairy, organic produce, health items.

Rock HillProvisions Local Market, 121 Caldwell Street, Rock Hill, SC 29730
Grade A raw milk from Milky Way Farm (see farmer’s listing under Starr, SC, and website at

Saluda: Butter Patch Jerseys, Mike and Patrice Buck, 175 Dairy Lane, phone: 864-445-7399, email: Small, family-operated dairy that has been in continuous operation since 1987, offering Grade A whole raw milk. Cows are pastured on seasonal grasses and small grain forages. No BST, hormones, or steroids used. Also available: brown eggs, grass-fed beef, pastured pork and pastured lambs. Call or email for availability.


  • Belue Farms, 3773 Parris Bridge Rd., Boiling Springs SC 29316, phone: 864-578-0446, web: Offering Grade A raw Jersey milk from Milky Way Farm’s grass-fed Jersey cows, which are not given hormones (BST) or steroids. Their herd is rated at the highest level given for Johne’s (Level 6), and the SCC is below 200,000. (See Milky Way Farms listing under Starr SC below.) Belue Farms also sells grass-fed Angus beef from cows born and raised on their farm, which are not given hormones or antibiotics, pastured pork, and free-range chicken and turkey from Native Meats.
  • Milky Way Farm (see full listing below under Starr SC),web: Raw milk delivery every two weeks on Wednesday at exit # 75 (Hwy 9 and I 85) at 11:30. Please order ahead.

Starr: Milky Way Farm, L. D. Peeler, 220 Hidden Hills Rd., Starr SC 29684. phone: 864-352-2014, cell: 864-617-5911, email:, web: Grade A raw milk from grass-fed Jersey cows not given hormones or steroids. The herd has been checked clean for Johne’s the past three years. SCC for the past year is below 225,000. Also available in Rosewood Market in Columbia.

Sumter: The Farm Store, 584 Bultman Drive, Sumter SC 29150, phone: 803-774-3276, email: Raw cow (Jersey and Holstein) and goat milk and cheese. They also offer monthly classes on cheese, butter, and yogurt throughout the year. Open Monday-Saturday, 11am to 6pm.

Wellford: 590 Wasp Nest Dr, Wellford SC (Previously located in Greer, formerly Kelsey’s Dairy), phone: 864-770-5594.  Small, family owned and operated farm offering Grade A raw Jersey cow milk and buttermilk. They use no hormones or antibiotics, feed local feed from a local farmer, and sell directly to the public. The cows graze on fresh grass daily as seasonally available, with minimal grain at milking time. Licensed by the state of South Carolina. Call with questions.


  • Crescent Moon Farm, Becky and Sandra Howington, phone: 864-873-7300, email:, web: Goat milk and goat milk soap.
  • Harmony Dairy, Peter Ebenhack & Julie Roberts, 827 Purple Haze Dr.,Westminster SC, 29693, phone: 864-647-6141, email: Licensed raw milk from free-range cows. Cows get the majority of their feed from native grass, and are on pasture 20hrs/day. No antibiotics used. They also have eggs and meat (limited availability).
  • M and M Dairy, Ronald & Doretta Martin (owners), 470 Dairy Farm Rd., Westminster SC 29693, phone: 864-710-1663, email:, web: Raw whole milk and raw milk buttermilk sold on the farm.

York: Tucker Adkins Dairy, 7245 Park Place Rd., York SC 29745, phone: 803-242-4743. Grade A raw milk, eggs, butter.


60 thoughts on “South Carolina

  1. Looking for raw milk pastured butter and/or milk from either A1 or Guernsey cows (my understanding is Guernsey cows are much lower in A2.) Thanks!

  2. I’m in search for organic raw cow milk. From my understanding, most of the dairy farms listed above use GMO grain to increase milk productions. Has anyone found ORGANIC raw milk? Thanks

  3. I’m looking to buy raw milk and cream. I live in Santee and am not sure where the closest dairy would be

  4. I havent’ been this year, but the Summerville Farmer’s market on Saturdays used to have a guy who sold raw milk. The best milk around in my opinion is from Sea Island Jerseys and can be found at the Charleston Farmers Market on Saturday mornings. You can also purchase it at the Stono Market on Main Road towards John’s Island. Either of these trips is barely more than an hour from Santee and certainly worth the time. I work in Charleston and live in Holly Hill and generally stop and pick up milk on my way home on Monday mornings. If you would like I can pick up extra and you can get it from me in Holly Hill. I don’t really pay attention because it’s not really an option to not purchase it, but I think it’s $4.50/ 1/2 gallon.

  5. In search of raw goats milk. Using to supplement y 10 month old. I’m in the Summerville area but anywhere in Charleston will work. Thank you

  6. Hello-I am looking for a place to purchase raw goat’s milk in the Charlotte NC area. Can anyone assist? This is for my 1-year-old pet who has severe dietary restrictions.

  7. Does anyone know where to get raw milk close to the OBX thats 27954 area – Nags Head, Manteo Kitty Hawk North Carolina or Chesapeake – Va Bh ,Virginia areas?
    I don’t mind traveling 3 hours or so for it. Thank You

  8. Looking for Goat milk from goats not fed gmo grains. Everyone I’ve called in the Charleston area supplements with gmo. Also would love to find certified A2 cows milk

  9. I have one ewe who is due the twentieth of this month, and a second due the fifth of March. That is the soonest I will have sheep milk. However, I am located in Orangeburg county which may be too far from you.


    • I purchase my raw milk from Sea Island Jersey’s, at Boone Hill Market In Mt. Pleasant. From my understanding it is delivered every Monday and Thursday. .

  10. I’m sad that it seems like SC, Charleston specifically, has so few farm to consumer options. Coming from Ohio with our Amish community and farmers devoted to sustainable farming…. this is a shock. It isn’t even legal to buy raw milk in Ohio and I had more options through herdshares. My only two options here, one isn’t even 100% grass fed or chemical free, and the other doesn’t encourage visits, just sells to the commercial establishments who up charge. Not what I expected moving south! Guess we’ll have to just get our own thing going…. as it should be.

  11. I currently get the Sea Islands milk from Stono Market on John’s Island, but we would love to find local raw cheese, and also grass-fed beef. Where can I find those? Thanks!

  12. I would like to aquire up to 24 cow horns and about 100 pounds of manure from organic raised cows.
    Also interested in organic cheese.
    I live in Anderson area.

    • We sell raw milk at Tucker Adkins Dairy 803-242-4743. Unfortunately, we have a waiting list but I would gladly add you to it, if you will give me a call. Thank you.

  13. Myrtle Beach and N. Myrtle Beach raw milk supplier:
    Bay Naturals, Myrtle Beach, SC – Bay Naturals, 7611 North Kings Highway, 843-448-0011
    North Myrtle Beach – Bay Naturals. 556 Highway 17 North, 843-272-4436 (near Home Depot and Walmart).

  14. I can’t believe there’s no raw milk in Myrtle Beach. It’s a cultural wasteland here when it comes to food and anything forward-thinking. It really is pathetic that I would literally have to drive 90 minutes to Charleston just to get raw milk, probably buy a cooler and ice to keep it cold while I drive back, and then hopefully enjoy it when I finally get home.

    • Not many sources in Charleston either. Lots of hype, but not many farm to consumer operations. Have to love toting around farmers markets and following the social scene.
      Spoken by a spoiled Ohioan though. Ruled SC out almost all together to live, because of how much more difficult it was to just access a farmer right on his property. Only way to go is to get your own land, have your own dairy beautes and never travel.

  15. Organically You in North Augusta, SC now offers Certified South Carolina raw milk from Butter Patch Farms. Give them a call for availability or to get added to the Milk Club list to receive a 10% discount on milk, free-range eggs and local artisan breads. (803 279-9534.

  16. I was just remembering something “milk” related from my childhood. I was staying on my aunt’s farm in Clarksville, TN. The milk from the cows would be brought inside and poured into a large tub atop a vibrating machine to cause the cream to rise to the top. It was kind of yellow colored because the cows ate so much grass. I would sneak some cream in a cup and sip it slowly while still warm. OMG was that delicious. Extra cream was made into butter and ice cream. I ate and ate, but never was chubby at all from consuming all that raw dairy. Hmmm…now I eat practically nothing and can’t lose a pound. Makes ya wonder.

  17. Hi,

    We just moved to the Wilmington NC area from California. I understand I will not be able to get raw milk in our state. Can someone help me find the closest SC dairy/ farm please?

  18. i am in hampton sc.. i am not sure how far away any of these are from me.. can anyone help me find the closest raw cows milk to me..would love to get butter too sorry i am new to the area.. thanks

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