Donations Needed for Raw Milk Film

Dear Fellow Raw Milk Lovers:

We are making a documentary film on raw milk from grass fed cows. Why are we choosing a grass roots effort over the conventional approach? Because so many people don’t want this documentary made that we can’t risk giving a production company the “options and distribution rights” in exchange for financing, only to see the project get “shelved” for some reason. Are we paranoid? Yes!

Join us and Mark McAfee, Sally Fallon, Ron Schmid, William Campbell Douglass, Tom Cowan, Dr. Carol Vachon and many others in the fight to end the “Prohibition Era” of real milk.

Your donations are needed. Please make checks payable (no cash) to White Tiger Productions and send to White Tiger Productions, c/o first Republic Bank, 1099 4th Street, San Rafael, California 94901.

We are also looking for raw milk memorabilia from early in the last century, photos, magazines, ads—anything that shows how commonplace raw milk was in our daily lives.

Who are we? We are an enthusiastic group from northern California crazy about raw milk and wanting to get the truth out.

We are also looking for testimonials dealing with sick children (asthma, allergies, ADD, etc.) who were helped by raw milk. A home video showing “before milk condition” is a real plus.

Check out our team’s background at And a special thanks and gratitude to our Necessary Angels who have already contributed. You know who you are!

Sincerely, Caroline Kim Jonsson, Producer,
White Tiger Productions, Marin County, California

One thought on “Donations Needed for Raw Milk Film

  1. When I was a teenager my mother purchased a milk goat for our family and I became addicted to fresh milk. At this time I was a runner, covering a mile in between 5 and 6 minutes and set a running record in my school P.E. class. What is important to note is that I had NO allergies and No asthma. When we sold the goat my milk habit transferred to heavy consumption of pasteurized milk – I immediately developed allergies AND asthma for which I needed OTC and prescription medications. This escalated to a 300.00 dollar inhaler monthly and a 78.00 rescue inhaler (respectively) for asthma that was out of control! Upon cutting out all pasteurized milk about two years ago, all asthma symptoms disappeared and I have since reintroduced raw milk to my diet with no further asthmatic symptoms or allergies. Only two cups of pasteurized milk will cause me to have an asthma attack while I can consume a half gallon of raw milk in two days with no symptoms. I feel extremely let down by the modern medical system for making no effort to determine the cause of my medical problems and instead choosing to mask the symptoms with numerous expensive pharmaceutical drug inhalers!

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