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The Weston A. Price Foundation allows public comments on our articles and blog posts on our website. Giving consumers an opportunity to read reviews or comments posted by other consumers expressing their opinions of producers on the list, along with the opportunity for the producers to respond, within reasonable editorial standards, is an educational activity that fosters the consumer-producer relationship and increases the information available on which individuals can base their purchasing decisions.

We welcome this opportunity for dialogue and expect that our conversation will follow the general rules of respectful civil discourse. To that end, comments are moderated, meaning that all comments will be reviewed before posting. We will post respectful dissenting viewpoints, but we will not post any comments that contain vulgar or abusive language, unsupported accusations, or personal attacks of any kind. We will not post any comments that are spam, clearly off topic, or that promote services or products.

While we appreciate the enthusiasm, we also do not publish comments that do not significantly add to the conversation (e.g., a simple “I agree!”, etc. will not be published). This helps keep the comment threads pruned and useful.

We also edit comments to redact the names of other farms that are not listed on We do this to protect the farmer–unless a farm wants to be listed here, we do not list them, or even mention them in comments. Being listed on this site may drive more demand than they can support, or may bring unwanted attention from media or government agencies, who use this listing to find raw milk farmers and in many cases harass or pressure them even when what the farm is doing is legal. Your efforts to help others find raw milk sources near them are appreciated, but thank you for understanding why we must moderate and redact comments in this way.

We will make every effort to review and post comments in a timely fashion (generally within a few business days), however, because we do have a small staff, we cannot guarantee a deadline for posting.

Views expressed in the comments are the views of the individual commentator, not the Weston A. Price Foundation. By submitting your comments, you agree that we may post them on our website at our discretion, and all comments posted are in the public domain.

While we do require all commentators to supply a name and valid email address, we do not share this information with any third party or use it for any reason other than to post comments.

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The Foundation reserves the right to update this Comment Policy at any time.