Defending Raw Milk in the UK

A letter from our London Chapter Leader, Phil Ridley–thanks for your help defending raw milk in the UK, Phil!

I am happy to report that we won the raw milk debate here in Britain. Here is the amended paper from the Food Safety Authority (FSA):

Here’s a summary of wins:

  • FSA believes that it is not proportionate to ban all raw drinking milk.
  • Plans to ban the retail sale of non-bovine raw drinking milk appear to have been dropped.
  • Consideration will now be given to how retail sale of raw drinking milk can be liberalized, including the use of vending machines. This is likely to involve requiring additional tests and health and safety procedures.
  • Amended proposals taking these things into account will be put to the board soon.

Here is a summary clip from the public consultation event: FSA Raw Milk 3.5 min highlights CUT4 DC v1.3 10-7-14.mp4. The full public consultation event is online at:

I hope this victory will help the review taking place in New Zealand and form a template for how to counter anti-raw milk laws in USA and beyond.

Still, we must continue to be vigilant as the UK reports mention further actions pertaining to raw milk by the EU.

Phil Ridley, London Chapter Leader

One thought on “Defending Raw Milk in the UK

  1. I wrote scottish NHS, Answer:

    Dear Akos

    Thanks for your enquiry on the availability of raw drinking milk in Scotland.

    In brief, the sale of raw milk is banned in Scotland due to the widely recognised public health risks associated with drinking unpasteurised milk. The Scottish ban on selling raw cow’s milk for human consumption was introduced in 1983 following a significant number of milk-related illnesses and the number of cases of foodborne disease associated with the consumption of raw milk has decreased significantly since then.

    Regards, Will.

    Dr Will Munro
    Policy Adviser – Chemical & Radiological Contaminants, Fish Hygiene, Imports/Exports & OFFC
    Regulatory Policy Branch
    Food Standards Agency in Scotland
    St Magnus House
    25 Guild Street
    AB11 6NJ

    Tel: 01224-285161
    Blackberry: 07825-357856
    Fax: 01224-285168

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