Raw Treachery In Utah

By Ron Schmid, ND

In the April, 2007 issue of VICFA VOICE, the newsletter of the Virginia Independent Consumers and Farmers Association, editor Deborah Stockton wrote the following under the headline “Tracking the Trojan Cow: A Rotten Milk Bill in Utah. Redmond Salt CEO Creates Cow-Share Ban in Utah Bill.”

The article goes on to explain how Roberts, the owner of Redmond’s Salt of Real Food Market in Orem, Utah, worked with the Utah Commissioner of Agriculture and various politicians to secure passage of HB311, which outlaws cowshares in Utah but allows raw milk to be sold in stores where the dairy farmer owns at least 51 percent of the store. The bill outlaws sales of raw milk in stores where pasteurized milk is sold. Roberts is the sole beneficiary of the bill; he can continue to sell raw milk at his Real Food Market. Cow shares are now illegal, and any other farmer wanting to sell in a store would have to own at least 51 percent of the store.

On the floor of the Utah General Assembly during debates on the bill, Rep. Melvin Brown said, “I don’t usually vote for raw milk, but I’m voting for this bill because the restrictions are so strict it will make it impossible for any new raw milk dairies to open.”

And, as Deborah Stockton concludes,“The 51 percent ownership requirement is convenient for someone like Roberts, who happens to own a retail food store where he can sell his milk, but simply eliminates that distribution possibility for smaller dairies, especially those just starting out, which would not only have to meet dairy regulations, but would have to invest in owning retail space and meeting that set of regulations as well. Fine if you have an extra million dollars in your pocket.”

I have bought Redmond products as long as I have had livestock, and I was just about to get more salt blocks, but they will not be Redmond products. Nor will I buy Redmond products again. I hope other WAPF farmers will do the same.

Ron Schmid, ND
Watertown, Connecticut

Letter to the Editor of Wise Traditions, published in the Fall 2007 issue

Ron Schmid, ND

Ron Schmid, ND, naturopathic physician, writer, teacher, and farmer, has prescribed raw milk for his patients for nearly 25 years. Dr. Schmid is a graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the National College of Naturopathic Medicine and has taught at all four of America’s naturopathic medical schools. He served as the former clinic director and chief medical officer at the University of Bridgeport College of Naturopathic Medicine. He is the author of Traditional Foods Are Your Best Medicine and The Untold Story of Milk.

One thought on “Raw Treachery In Utah

  1. I now see why they have seriously jacked up the prices of their milk as of late. If RealFoods got a bill passed giving them a state-granted monopoly, then this was probably the plan from the beginning.

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