Some Interesting History from Kathryn Russell

My grandparents owned a raw milk dairy in Georgia in the 1920s. They were put out of business in the Depression not by the economy, but by new government regulations that were impossible for small family farms in the Depression to meet! They had a large number of people who depended upon their milk, but they could not afford to meet the new regs that were put in place to control problems that did not exist in their area.

A shareowner of mine (who owns half a cow) brought his mother-in-law in a couple of weeks ago. She was raised on a farm in Connecticut during the same time. The farm went out of business for the same reasons. Their workers went to work for a big dairy that could afford the changes.

Kathryn Russell of Charlottesville, Virginia, was a Weston A. Price Foundation chapter leader, director of a cow share program, and a tireless advocate for food freedom. She is sorely missed!

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