Ultrapasteurization at Organic Valley

Our webmaster Jill Nienhiser recently queried Organic Valley, a major producer of organic dairy products, about their practice of ultrapasteurizing most of their milk. In their response, Organic Valley made the following claim: “Not all thermoduric bacteria are killed by conventional pasteurization. By ultrapasteurizing fresh milk, you are returning the milk to its original near sterile state—removing what the environment has added.”

This is a most interesting admission—that conventional pasteurization does not ensure that milk will be free of pathogens—and the claim that milk in its original state is “near sterile” is ludicrous. It comes already innoculated with beneficial bacteria and supports their proliferation. Only harmful bacteria can grow in ultrapasteurized milk. If you object to the ultrapasteurization of organic milk, contact the company at 888-444-6455.

3 thoughts on “Ultrapasteurization at Organic Valley

  1. So basically, look on this list and buy your dairy from one of the organic farms in your county. As a new Floridian, that was the first thing I thought of doing before even finding a place to live. If you are already spending $8/gallon raw milk and 12/qt cream than I’d rather give it to a farmer who will do something healthy for people.

  2. they are actually fine with this pasteurization thing because it covers up the a tall amount of cream that is actually taken out of the milk
    try boiling a gallon of organic pastures milk see how much fat comes to the top
    yes… you have been cheated
    homogination and ultrapasturazation creams the milk to the point that it looks as if fat content is there
    but in reality IT IS NOT
    they can then make many more “goodies” for you to eat from the stealing of the fat from the gallon
    this should really be looked into more
    if we are buying full fat milk and paying almost 8 dollars(as they are going by our prices) then we should be getting ALL THE FAT

    • I agree 100%! Why go to the trouble of having Grass Fed and Non-GMO milk, if you’re going to ultrapasturize it? I was furious when I saw that everything I had just purchased (cream and milk) thinking it was a full-fat product that was healthy to drink, only to find that each and everyone of the items I purchased are ULTRAPASTURIZED! I am totally 100% upset with this company and won’t purchase their products again. they are deceiving their customers.

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