Pete Kennedy is now working for the Weston A. Price Foundation (WAPF) as a consultant on policy and legal matters. Pete is a past president and original board member of the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund (FTCLDF). There is no charge for consultations with him for anyone who is a WAPF member.

Pete can provide information to members about state laws, regulations and policies including food freedom legislation and issues regarding consumer access to raw milk, cottage foods and on-farm meat and poultry processing, all areas in which he has had considerable experience. Pete cannot give individual legal advice or recommend support for or opposition to pending legislation. He is also available for consultation on any effort to change state administrative regulations and policies. Pete will be responsible for drafting information alerts for members on legislation, policy initiatives and other matters on the state level. Raw milk laws will be a focus of his work.

Pete will be consulting with members on legal issues pertaining to the rights of consumers to have access to nutrient-dense foods and the rights of farmers and artisans to produce those foods. He will be available to work at the administrative level with members having an issue with regulators in federal, state or local government agencies.

In the past, Pete has worked on numerous matters involving FDA and USDA, state agriculture and health departments and local health departments on nutrient-dense foods. Work he has done at the federal, state and local administrative levels includes protecting farmers against threatened enforcement actions, handling food seizure, embargo and recall cases and right to farm/zoning issues on the people’s right to grow their own food.

He will also be available for consultation with WAPF members on herdshare contracts and buyer’s club agreements; he has worked with hundreds of farmers around the country on herdshare contracts.

You can reach Pete by phone at (941) 349-4984 or by email at