Type of location
Street Address
955 Peach Lake Road
North Salem
New York
ZIP Code
Phone Number
516-423-6251 (text only)

Offers raw unpasteurized milk and milk products from their  small mini jersey herd managed according to biodynamic principles. Herd is living as a social unit with calves growing up with their mothers and aunties, bull with cows in free grass turn out at appropriate times of the year, they are grazing on fertilizer-free grass, good hay, and organic grain as a treat while in milking stand.
Fresh raw milk is offered by the quart, the gallon, and in larger containers upon request. A gallon of fresh full fat raw milk is $ 7 plus container. Fresh cultured farm cheese, kefir, clotted cream, as well as sweet and cultured salted butter are for sale, in addition to free range organic eggs ($5 a dozen) and seasonal biodynamic vegetables.
On farm pick up only on weekends; self-serve refrigerated farm stand available during the week. Text Anke at the phone number listed for pick up arrangements. The milk products are produced in small quantities, all equipment sterilized daily by hand and packaged carefully.