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914 S. Main St.
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Currently milking Jerseys and Guernseys that have been tested for A2/A2 protein. The cows are fed free choice pasture and hay for forage and a premix pellet for grain. The barn is Grade A quality/capable when inspections are enacted. Rigorous commercial cleanliness quality standards are followed with cow health and milk quality a priority. Any medications used are absolutely necessary for the life of the cow and milk is antibiotic tested before it goes back on sale to the consumer.

Call for prices.  At times, butter and cheeses are available (examples: Gouda, Colby, and cheese curds). Farm pick-up is generally around 4:30 pm unless other arrangements are made. Regularly scheduled pick-ups are appreciated. The cows are tame and visitors are welcome. Text is appreciated before the call to make sure voice chat is possible. Calls are OK, and will be answered on availability.

Special directions: go past the yellow house to either the dairy barn or the log cabin. Please call before coming to verify milk/product availability unless arrangements were made previously.

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