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Small family farm that has fresh farm products available from livestock and poultry that are grazing freely around the farm during the day and being fed high quality hay and oats as supplement to their diet. Products available include brown chicken and duck eggs from their flock of free range hens for your table or hatching, as well Icelandic fleece wool, peacock feathers, and live or dressed USDA processed and packed Muscovy duck, chicken, guinea, goose and sweet grass turkey, may be available for purchase. No corn, soy, wheat, growth hormones, antibiotics, animal byproducts, or pesticides are used on their farm and they use only organic fertilizers to fortify the fields. All products can be picked up daily at the farm, and cheese and hard cider workshops are held on a regular basis. They only accept farm visits by appointment, please call 24 hours ahead for further information and to schedule pickup. See other places where you can find products from this farm.