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Facebook: Burnham Bounty. A small family farm raising a herd of mini Lamancha dairy goats. Goats are loved and raised in a holistic manner, roaming on fresh pasture, given herbal dewormer and no chemicals or vaccines are used. Herd is closed and biosecurity practices in place as well as tested annually to maintain a disease free herd. The herd is fed an organic soy-free dairy goat ration as well as chaffaye and supplements on the milk stand. They are also offered kelp and herbal mineral mix free choice as well as good quality hay. All herd management is done in a holsitic way to support and strengthen the goats. Products offered through herdshares include fresh raw milk, milked into glass mason jars with a closed system milker where the milk is filtered and immediately cooled in the milk room refrigerator. Also offering to herdshare members limited availability of fresh chevre cheese, goat milk kefir, and goat soap during the season. Farm fresh eggs are also available in limited quanitities. Herdshares memberships require a one time fee and milk is $10 gallon. Farm is located near Henry Horton State Park close to Chapel Hill. All products available for farm pickup only at this time. See other places where you can find products from this farm.