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Cottonwood Farm is located 20 minutes southwest of Florence and 10 miles from downtown Tuscumbia. They milk Guernseys that are A2/A2 Beta Casein. They practice rotational grazing with their cows. They supplement with alfalfa and grass hay. At milking time, cows are provided a small amount of non-GMO feed. The cows have constant access to a free choice minerals. Their cows are tested annually for Johne's, Brucellosis, BLV, and TB. The milk is tested for common diseases and bacteria at an independent lab on a regular basis. Cottonwood Farm also has laying hens which follow their cows in the pasture producing free range eggs. They are supplemented with free choice non-GMO feed. The farm also raise heritage breeds of pork that are raised in pasture and forest supplemented with non-GMO feed. During the Thanksgiving season, the farm has pasture-raised turkeys. Their website provides more information on farm store hours, herd share membership, and current pricing. They have herdshares and offer pet milk in accordance with Alabama state law. They are at the College? Street Farmers Market in downtown Florence. Their store hours are currently Saturdays 12-3 pm. Tours are available upon request. See other places where you can find products from this farm.