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They have a micro-dairy milking a small Jersey herd. Herd is on mainly silvopasture with open pasture available, high-quality alfalfa hay and fresh water available at all times. If a cow needs grain to gain weight, it is soaked, sprouted and fermented first. Cows are never enclosed unless they choose to rest in the barn by the fan during times of high heat. Cows are milked twice daily using a closed milking system. Chrissy Jensen is the creator of My Dairy Fairy: Udder Magic which is an essential oil and plant oil based antibiotic-free product for dairy cows. They utilize this antibiotic-free method of supporting their cows' immune systems in lieu of traditional practices. Products available (through herdshare) milk, yogurt, cultured cottage cheese, dulce de leche and possibly cheeses. Tours twice yearly for herd share members at a family picnic. Currently delivering to Columbia, Spring Hill, Franklin, and possibly other areas. If a group wants to have their own delivery date/time, they can organize a minimum of 10 shares and the farm will set up a new delivery point. See other places where you can find products from this farm.