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Farmer's statement: "Feather and Forage Farmstead is a small farm that focuses on growing and raising clean, nutrient-dense food using regenerative farming techniques – we never use any chemical pesticides, herbicides, etc. on our farm.

We currently have a small herd of four A2/A2 Jerseys and one Belfair (Dexter/Jersey Cross). Our ladies are rotated onto fresh pasture every 1-2 days and are provided with free-choice kelp, minerals, salt, and baking soda. At milking time, feed is supplemented with organic soy-free grain along with alfalfa, sunflower seeds, kelp, and minerals. All cows are tested for Johne's, BLV, and BVD, and we try to take care of our cows as holistically as possible.

Herdshare members can also purchase raw dairy products such as butter, yogurt, ghee, and ice cream as they are available. We also offer chicken and duck eggs, as well as seasonal small batches of pasture-raised chicken, duck, and pork, and grassfed, grass-finished beef.

Contact us today for more information about our herd shares and on-farm pickup."