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Raw A2/A2 Jersey milk available for herd shares and pet milk, per current NC law. (Every state is different regarding how raw milk can be sold or dispensed.)

Farmer's statement: "We love our Jersey milk cow, Rosie! She is a registered Jersey and we have not given her any antibiotics, growth hormones or fed her any animal by-products. Her milk is sweet, delicious and nutrient dense. Rosie is fed grass (hay in winter), and essential to her when she is in milk, high quality grain, so her body is kept in condition. Rosie is given organic oats, organic barley, organic kelp which we then ferment all together for further nutritional uptake for her. She also has access to Redmond minerals.

"A little Cow 101, if a cow is not bred specifically for a grass only diet, as is the case with many Jerseys in the US today, the cow can suffer physically. While in milk, she has been bred so that her intake of grass and hay only produces more milk instead of nourishing her body. We work hard to ensure Rosie is healthy and strong and has what she needs so as not to lose body condition while working so hard to give milk to us. Check out our website for upcoming blog posts about why our family chose raw milk 10 years ago, or look us up on Facebook!"