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40255 Highway 59B
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Havenly Homestead has fresh, raw cow milk available for purchase.
You will receive their cream line raw milk in half gallon mason jars, which will require a small deposit on each jar to insure against breakage, etc., which is refundable upon return.

Each half gallon of milk will be $4, plus $2 for the jar deposit on your first purchase. When you’re ready for more milk, return the cleaned jar and your next purchase is only $4/half gallon with NO deposit. Or if you’ve decided you don’t want to purchase again, simply return the cleaned jar and you will get your $2 per jar deposit back.

The cows are on 24/7 access to fresh pasture and hay, loose mineral, and they get a scoop of a feed each day in the stanchion at milking time.

They aim for “mostly” grassfed, but cows do require a bit of supplemental feed-especially when in milk when their bodies are putting so much more energy into producing milk instead of their own condition.

*Due to Oklahoma law, raw milk must be picked up at the farm and cannot be delivered. Conveniently located right off of Highway 177 & Highway 59B in Macomb, OK.