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Facebook: HeliosFarms. Oregonians wanting access to raw cow milk purchase shares of Helios Farms dairy herd and hire Helios Farms to board and milk their shares of the herd. Helios Farms LLC is a farm share owner CSA located near Yoncalla with drop points in multiple cities. Helios Farms sells shares of their Jersey milk herd via their milk herdshare agreement. All cows are located at the farm in Yoncalla. Each cow's milk is bottled separately (no processing or skimming). Farm share owners are invited to visit Helios Farms to meet their cow, experience the farm, and review and approve the boarding, milking, and bottling practices used with their herd. Milk is tested daily in the on-farm lab. Cows forage and are fed hay and organic alfalfa (while being milked). Helios Farms is an orthomolecular farm with a focus on promoting healthy and balanced microbiome in the soil, animals, and farm share owners. Pre-milking teat dip is dissolved ascorbic acid (vitamin C) and niacinamide (vitamin B3). Post-milking teat dip is clabbered milk to reintroduce the probiotic spectrum to the teat. The water source on the land is spring water and spring-fed ponds. See other places where you can find products from this farm.