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Humble Beginnings Family Farm

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Humble Beginnings Family Farm
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2506 90th St.
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Matt and Amy are 5+ generation farmers, returning to their roots and producing nutrient-dense food. They have a 50-acre farm and are about 35 minutes west of Eden Prairie. They milk 3-5 Jersey cows, who eat 95+ percent green grass from the time it is ready in the spring, until it is done in the fall. (April to November, depending on weather). The other months, they get grass hay that was made on their own land. Their land is not certified organic, but they do not use chemicals or chemical fertilizers. The other ~5 percent of their cows’ diet is transitional organic oats, blackstrap molasses, and organic mineral (all are non-GMO). They sell milk by the gallon. MN law stipulates you must pick up at the farm. They also have: grassfed beef (retail cuts or quarters/halves) and lamb (retail cuts or whole), pastured chickens, turkeys, and eggs. The poultry (turkeys, chickens, eggs) have a transitional organic grain supplement to their forage diet as well. See other places where you can find products from this farm.

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