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Misty Valley Farm

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Misty Valley Farm
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515 Bolton School Rd.
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They have Jersey cows. Herd management is as natural as possible. Herdshares are available at $5/share (refundable), with a $5 weekly maintenance fee. Please also provide one glass wide mouth gallon jar with each share. Each share entitles the owner to approximately one gallon of milk and pays for feeding and maintaining the cows and equipment. An example of costs for someone who wanted two shares: They would pay a one-time cost of $10, plus $10 weekly maintenance fee, and receive ~2 gallons of milk. The next pick up day, for as long as they own their shares, they would only pay $10 and would pick up their two gallons of milk. When they no longer want part ownership in the herd, the farm will buy back the two shares for $10. See other places where you can find products from this farm.

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