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Nubian Dairy goats that are holistically raised and managed. No spraying of pastures. Farmers are WAPF diet adherents for going on 13 yrs. and it is why they started farming. They state they are not opposed to using conventional treatments if life or limb and has only happened once every few years. But practice prevention first through culling of weaker animals, providing a healthy environment, quality diet, and a variety of quality mineral supplements (including organic kelp, nutritional yeast, Redmonds animal salt, dolomite, standard loose minerals, etc.). Supporting their animals with organic herbs as needed (parasites, lactation support, etc.). Feed rations are given on stand only during milking and are non-GMO whole grains, hand mixed: oats, peas, barley, sunflower seeds. Free choice orchard hay and non-GMO alfalfa. Hand milked, filtered during milking and straight into half gallon Ball jars, cooled right away. No goaty flavor. Must supply a jar/s, or pay jar/s deposit, per half gallon. Animals tested clean for CAE, CL, Johnes, Brucellosis, TB. Herdshares $25/contract. $16 weekly (2 half gallon jars). Half shares available $8. Payment 1 month in advance. Pick up at farm, or can be delivered for an additional fee. Free delivery if someone organizes and hosts a group buy/drop, to include a weekly bonus item for the host. They hope to offer more products at some point. See other places where you can find products from this farm.