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70 North Street
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"Established in 1732, the year George Washington was born, our family farm began when a King's Land Grant was given to our ancestors.

We’re Nevin and Terri, owners of Oake Knoll Farms. A lot has changed since 1732, of course, but here’s something that hasn’t: we still milk Heritage cows, produce and drink clean and nutritious raw milk, and raise animals on pasture— just the way they like it, and the way it was always done before industrial agriculture.

Oake Knoll Farms is the result of consolidating OKA Real Milk and Foxboro Cheese Co. in 2019. We combine best management practices with sustainable agriculture to provide the community with high-quality milk, cheese, and meat from our grass-fed A2 Ayrshire cows.

We work hard to ensure our cows are happy, selecting milk cows that have the correct structure to live long comfortable lives. The cows graze intensively during the summer and can choose to eat hay outside or inside during the winter. By supporting us, you help provide a cleaner, safer environment for the future."