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Pine Hills Dairy specializes in goat milk from their herd of Alpine goats that are free range, pasture raised, and fed 18% protein all natural sunflower and alfalfa pellets while milking. The goats are fed only natural grass products and do not get grains. Their goat milk is 3.3% fat and high in protein.

Raw milk is available through a herdshare program with pickup at the farm and delivery to those in Parker, Castle Rock, Denver, and Colorado Springs on a weekly and biweekly basis (for those customers over 20 miles).

Pine Hills Dairy also sells organically raised cage-free and free-range chicken eggs and organically grown garden produce with seasonal availability.

Raw milk contains numerous bioactive components that kill pathogens, strengthen the immune system, create a strong gut wall, nourish our gut bacteria, ensure the assimilation of 100 percent of all the nutrients in the milk, and protect it against rot. These health benefits are largely destroyed by pasteurization.


“We love our raw goat milk from Thomas at Pine Hills Dairy. The milk is always so fresh and clean and has a delicious flavor. We give the milk to our 1-year-old son and he loves it! He has yet to get sick with anything, and he is growing and thriving. As a personal trainer, I love knowing that the milk we get is fueling our bodies properly for all we need to do, and that I’m also able to give my baby the best of the best. Thank you Thomas!” --Emily Hardwick, Certified Personal Trainer, Colorado Springs

“The goat milk from Thomas at Pine Hills Dairy tastes amazing. I have purchased milk shares from several farms in CO and this milk is of the highest quality. Goat milk is naturally closer to human breast milk than cow milk. I did a 3 month milk only cleanse and experienced great results. The Untold Story of Milk is a great resource to learn more about the healing properties of raw milk.” --Bo Shirley, Littleton

“Thomas I just got home and tried some milk and it tastes wonderful! I cannot taste even a hint of goatiness. Thank you again!” Tony, Lakewood

“I’ve been on a quest over the past decade to move to “better foods.” I’m not a doctor, I just know what does well in my body when it comes to digestion and energy. What was missing for me was the dairy products, which was how I found Thomas.

His goat dairy products have helped me feel mentally and physically better, become leaner, have more endurance, and make me feel good knowing I’m sourcing my nutrition more responsibly through his local farm.

I began with the goat milk, which I’ve found to be more digestible than cow milk and other  plant-based milks. The goat milk has a rich flavor, like cow’s whole milk, but without antibiotics, vaccines, hormones, steroids, and dead enzymes in store milk.

The milk tastes great by itself or with coffee, tea, or protein shakes as I prefer it.

Cow’s milk left me unsettled throughout the day and at night whereas I’ve never had a problem drinking 2 gallons of goat milk weekly.

I’ve now expanded my purchases with Thomas to include his wife’s hand crafted, artisan goat cheese, goat yogurt, goat kefir, and chicken eggs.

The same experience I have had for his milk applies to everything I’ve gotten from his farm.

The cheese is better than any  cheese I used to buy at the store, and the yogurt and kefir are packed with the good gut bacteria. The eggs are more of a brighter yellow yolk than any store bought I’ve had.

If it weren’t for my work travels (including business meals) and eating at restaurants with my wife and daughters, I really think I could sustain a farm diet of these simple products from Thomas’s goat dairy.”

Parker, CO