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Jersey cows, mostly grassfed, although freshly milled soy-free feed and alfalfa is given at milking. Cows are disease tested and milk is periodically tested to maintain the highest quality. Milk is obtained after brushing each cow, double washing and drying the cow's teats, discarding the first few ounces of milk, and then collected through a closed vacuum system. After milking, cow's teats are treated with a moisturizing, sanitizing dip before they are let out to forage. Milk is brought into a milk room and then it is strained through a clean disposable milk filter, bottled into plastic food- grade bottles, capped, dated, and submerged in a below freezing quick-chiller until it has reached an optimal temperature. All equipment is sanitized promptly with dairy sanitizer solution and hung to air dry. Milk is sold in gallons for $12 and half gallons for $6. Text or call Sarah for more details and availability. Providence Farm is registered with the Florida Department of Agricultural and Consumer Services to sell raw milk in Florida and is labeled “Not For Human Consumption” complying with the requirements of Chapter 580. Registration number: Z003616 See other places where you can find products from this farm.