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Rogue Artisan Foods

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Rogue Artisan Foods
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10414 Hwy 238
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Facebook: rogueartisanfoods. Rogue Artisan Goat Dairy provides raw goat milk to the local community from their 8 Lamancha milk goats. The goats forage on pasture and forest and are provided with supplemental feed at night, including hay and sprouted organic grains. All feed is locally sourced from Oregon farmers. Although not Certified Organic currently, they are committed to using organic feed first and foremost and also supporting neighbors who use organic standards and good practices. All animals are cared for using holistic medicine. Never fed corn, soy, or GMOs. No vaccines, chemical wormers or non-therapeutic antibiotics. 100 percent Oregon grown hay and sprouted grains. Supplemented with organic kelp and Bokashi Probiotics. Milk is available in the on farm self-serve fridge or through the website or milk CSA. See other places where you can find products from this farm.

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