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12575 Anakate Lane
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Star Chaser Ranch is a small Idaho homestead, with two Jersey milk cows – HowNow and Lopsy. They offer raw unpasteurized cream line milk via herdshare, farm fresh eggs, seasonal fruits and veggies and an occasional calf or two. Cows are fed local hay (grass & alfalfa), fermented barley, RC Gold, kelp, homemade apple cider vinegar, and mineral/vitamin supplement.

Herdshare details: The cost of a share is $50. This buys you about 1/21 of a cow. The farmer retains ownership of 11 shares of each cow. This requires a signed contract, and is due before receiving any milk from your cow. Each cow on average produces 21 gallons of milk per week, so if you purchase a 1/21th share you should expect to pick up approximately 1 gallon per week (more or less). Amounts may vary with production. The monthly boarding and labor fee is $12 per share. This covers land usage, fence maintenance, feed, handling, and labor of milking. Raw milk is whole, unskimmed with cream on top. Please email or call to request a contract sent you. No business calls on Sunday or after 7pm nightly, but available nearly any other time.