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246 Hay Barn Road
North Carolina
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This small family farm located about 5 miles off interstate 95, between Dunn and Benson, NC offers raw A2/A2 milk through a dairy herd-share program. They are approximately 30 minutes from Raleigh and serve the Cary, Raleigh, Durham, Lillington, Fayetteville and surrounding areas. The Barefoot Cow Farm is one of only two RAWMI (Raw Milk Institute) listed dairies in North Carolina.

Their small herd is a group of A2/A2 registered Jersey dairy cows that enjoy free outdoor access to grass/hay, free choice minerals, and fresh water. The cows are raised on pasture and are 100% grass and forage fed, plus a treat of alfalfa with their vitamins, minerals, and probiotics mixed in during milking time. The Barefoot Cow gives no growth hormones, nor antibiotics or other medication on a regular basis. They name their cows and consider them part of the family.

The cows have been tested and verified to have the A2 genotype. A2/A2 genetics means the cows produce only the A2 type beta-casein protein. There is a lot of research available about A2 milk vs A1 milk. Do a simple search and decide for yourself if you are interested in A2/A2. Call, text, or email the farm to discuss availability and pick up times.