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1150 East State Road 120
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Farmer statement:

"We currently have multiple herdshare openings available!
Meet our lovely A2/A2 Jerseys, September Rose and Honeydew.
We are inviting you to enjoy raw milk weekly by joining our herdshare.
Our herd is pasture grazed, and fed organic, non GMO grains free of soy protein once daily. When buying into a herd milk share we can proudly say that our milk is for human consumption.
Our herd is disease tested regularly through WADDL. As of 5/31/2024, our herd tested free of BAPA, BLV, Leptospira, Q-Fever, and Johne’s Disease. (Results available upon request) Studies have shown that a large percentage of dairy cows have diseases that can be transferred through milk. Specifically BLV and Johne’s have been linked to certain cancers and Crohns.
Raw milk also has so many nutritional benefits that are often destroyed through pasteurization.
You can join our herdshare for a one time fee of $50 or $25 for a half share.
Weekly herd care fees are $16/gallon share $8/half gallon share. .