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The Mushroom Hunt @ Fox Farms

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The Mushroom Hunt @ Fox Farms
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54 Labrador Lane Burnsville
North Carolina
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Now registered to sell “Raw Goat Milk-Specialty Pet Foods” through the NCDA&CS. The milk is hand-milked from their small dairy goat herd where the goats are on pasture and rotated. No animal by-product feed/hay, hormones, or antibiotics used. The milk is strained, put in glass containers, labeled, and refrigerated in their certified on-farm kitchen facility. Per NCDA&CS requirements the product is sold in glass quart containers for $4/quart. They sell from the farm and at the Yancey Farmers Market. Farm visits/tours by appointment. Call for availability of the milk and/or to order. They offer a variety of other products as well; see their listings at,,, and Facebook under susantiptonfox and TheMushroomHut@FoxFarms. See other places where you can find products from this farm.

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