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The Shepherd’s Meadow Farm

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The Shepherd’s Meadow Farm
Dade City
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Offering raw cow milk and butter, pastured chicken eggs, and grassfed chevon (goat meat) and beef, for animal feed supplementation only, as per Florida law. They also sell broiler chicken and organic apple cider vinegar with the mother vinegar, both for human consumption. Animals graze 24/7 on pastures which are never chemically treated. We feed (and sell) Alfahay (a bagged, non-GMO, fermented alfalfa product), sunflower seed pellets, Peanut/Tifton/Coastal hay, lespedeza (a plant known for its worming capabilities), herbal wormers, kelp and minerals. Dairy cows are also fed a small portion of non-GMO grain. Chemical wormers or antibiotics are only given in dire circumstances, with the milk/meat withdraw time being doubled what is recommended by the USDA. You are most welcome to visit the farm. See other places where you can find products from this farm.

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