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1379 Big Oak Rd.
North Carolina
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This small farm in Germanton North Carolina has 3 dairy cows--2 Guernsey/Jersey crosses and 1 Jersey. All 3 are A2/A2. They are on fresh pasture all day on this 15 acre farm and are given alfalfa pellet treats while being milked twice a day. They raise Kunekune pigs and have litters for sale regularly. The farm offers on-farm pickup and also has a pickup location in Winston Salem. Text or call (336-486-7992) or email (Thewanderinghenfarm at gmail dot com) with any questions.

Farmer's statement: "We take our cows' health very seriously. They take regular probiotics and other natural supplements to stay healthy and happy, we test for mastitis regularly, and we are very diligent when it comes to cleanliness and freshness of our milk for our customers. We love to show people around the farm so if you come please stay a while!"