International Raw Milk Symposium Livestream on November 16, 2015

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The annual International Raw Milk Symposium, which will discuss the health benefits and safety practices of raw milk, can be viewed via Livestream on Monday, November 16th beginning at 9:15am PDT.

With consumption of raw milk on the rise and several states loosening sales restrictions, more and more consumers are becoming curious about raw milk and their options for obtaining it.

The Raw Milk Symposium will take place on the last day of the International Wise Traditions Conference, a widely attended annual nutrition conference. Headline speakers of the Raw Milk Symposium include:

Sally Fallon Morell: “Why Raw Milk?” (9:15-10:30am PDT)

Mark McAfee: “Behind the Scenes: What’s Really Happening with Raw Milk in the USA?” (10:45am-12:00pm PDT)

Peg Coleman: “Risk Beyond Numbers: Understanding Data, Gaps and Assumptions Bridging Them” (1:15-2:30pm PDT)

Charlotte Smith: “Building, Managing, Marketing and Sustaining a Raw Milk Micro-Dairy” (2:45-4:00pm PDT)

To watch the livestream:

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