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FDA Files Lawsuit to Seize Healthy Food

On October 19, 2017, the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) filed a complaint with a federal district court in Kansas to seize and condemn […]

A Wishlist of Just Laws for Those Who Feed Our Families

At the end of 2017 there were several enforcement actions and investigations underway against raw milk distributors. In a Kansas City district court the U.S. Food […]

Raw milk in Switzerland, France, and Northern Italy

Great information from a devoted raw milk fan in Geneva! Here is some additional information about how (and where) raw milk can be found and bought […]

Desert Farms

Facebook: DesertFarms. Camels, pasture-raised, grassfed, no hormones, no antibiotics non-homogenized, gluten free. Products: Raw camel milk 16 oz. ($18), raw camel milk kefir 16 oz. ($19). […]

Meadow Ridge Farm

A private membership club only, with delivery sites in southern NY (including NYC and Long Island), NJ, CT, MD, northern WV, eastern OH, and northern and […]

Pastured/Grassfed Meats and Raw Dairy

Raw cow, goat, sheep and camel milk and milk products–cream, butter, cheeses, yogurt, kefir, smoothies and much more. GMO-free, soy-free chicken, duck and geese. Soy-free chicken […]

Nature’s Creek Camel Dairy

Small camel dairy farm with raw camel milk. Herdshares available. Non-GMO feed, grassfed. See other places where you can find products from this farm.

Miller’s Organic Farm

Will ship. Private membership club. Drop sites available across the country. Raw cow, goat, sheep and camel milk and dairy products; fermented vegetables and beverages, soaked […]

Rocky Ridge Dairy

Looking to start more buying clubs. Will ship. Private membership association. Serving metro DC and surrounding area. Raw cow, goat, sheep and camel milk and dairy […]