2012 Post-WAPF Conference Farm Tour

The Monday farm tour following the 2012 WAPF conference was a particularly beautiful one along the Pacific Coast. Along with our delicious lunch by caterer Amy Glaze, the group visited and learned much from the farmers at TomKat Ranch (leftcoastgrassfed.com), Early Bird Ranch (earlybirdranch.com), and Markegard Family Grass-Fed (markegardfamily.com) where the group learned about pigs from a young and capable teacher, Lea Lee Markegard.

Mini Mobile Milking Parlor

A mini mobile milking parlor made from a converted horse trailer, a brilliant idea, with modern pipelines and milking machines inside.

Lea Lee Markegard teaches the group about pigs

Lea Lee Markegard teaches the group about pigs at Markegard Family Grass-Fed, during the 2012 Farm Tour following the WAPF Annual Conference.

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