Visit to Only Raw Milk Dairy in Spain


Pictured from left to right: (Top) Mónica Fernández, Antonio Carral, Ana Digón, Roger Rabés, César Omar; (Bottom) Luis Escamilla and children.

WAPF member Mónica Fernández visits Antonio Carral of O Alle, the only raw milk dairy in Spain, in the northwest of the country (Galicia).

With her was a small group from Regenag, Spain. Says Mónica, “We had an incredible interchange of ideas and knowledge with Roger Rabes, the young farmer and expert in Voisin Rotational Grazing ( see Antonio, the dairy farmer, was very interested in learning about improved grazing methods, and he also shared lots of information on the production of raw milk.

Today O Alle Dairy sells nearly all their milk, after about five years of fighting for existence and traveling one hundred kilometers away to sell six bottles of milk, day after day. The dairy has thirty cows and is able to hire five people part time, plus Antonio and his wife Beti. They sell their milk mainly through the Internet, delivering to the whole country. They charge 1.6 Euros per liter. Conventional milk costs about 0.9 euros per liter. The milk is also organic certified.

Inspired by this visit, the group envisages raw milk and grazing courses to be held at Antonio’s farm and other places.

11 thoughts on “Visit to Only Raw Milk Dairy in Spain

  1. There are many micro farm in Galicia that have raw milk but the regulations make it very difficult foe them to sell their milk. I’d love to see the farmers sell their products to a larger audience.

  2. Hi Stacy,

    Any luck to find raw cow milk? I am also looking, I live nearby Alicante.

    I like to here from you, or Elaine!


  3. I am new in Barcelona and would love to find a good source of raw milk. I created a facebook group called “weston a. price local chapter Barcelona” to find others who wanna eat the same and get information about where to find high-quality food. If anyone knows something please let me know. Fell free to join the facebook group 🙂

    • I looked for the group on Facebook, Chris. Couldn’t find it. I found a supplier for raw milk that ships to barcelona. Perhaps we can join in to save on shipping.

  4. Hi
    We’ve just relocated to Spain from south Africa. We are looking for organic raw cow’s milk. Where could I find it in Spain. We are currently in Salou, looking to reside in Tarragona
    Kind regards and blessings

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