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Important Message to All Raw Milk Producers and Consumers:
The Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund (FTCLDF) protects your right to provide and obtain raw milk. All raw milk producers should be members of the FTCLDF and we strongly encourage all raw milk consumers to help protect their access to raw milk by becoming consumer members as well.

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Important Notes about the Listings

  1. RAW MILK POLICY STATEMENT: The Weston A. Price Foundation’s goals include promoting a healthy diet for people everywhere, based on natural and traditional foods, and assisting individuals and families in accessing those foods through information, education, and helping to restore the direct relationship between food consumers and food producers. The Foundation believes, based on sound scientific evidence, that raw milk is an important component of a healthy diet. To assist its members and the public in obtaining raw milk, the Foundation publishes a list of farms that produce it, because this information is not otherwise readily and comprehensively available to consumers. Listing of a farm does not imply endorsement by the Foundation. Individuals who purchase raw milk and other natural foods for themselves and their families need to “know their farmer” because they bear the responsibility for ensuring that they are getting safe and healthy products.
  2. NO ADVERTISING: The Foundation accepts no money for the listings; the listings are not advertisements. All listings are at the sole discretion of the Weston A. Price Foundation.
  3. NO MARKETING: The email addresses listed here are not to be used for any purpose other than to contact the farmers regarding the availability of their products. Use of the listed email addresses for marketing or other such purposes is strictly prohibited.
  4. RAW MILK CONSUMERS PLEASE NOTE: This list of raw milk sources probably represents only a portion of the raw milk producers in your state. For additional raw milk sources, contact your local Weston A. Price Foundation Chapter Leader.
  5. RAW MILK PRODUCERS PLEASE NOTE: The FDA and State Agencies have discovered this list and sometimes use it for their own purposes, so exercise caution with your listing. If you choose not to have a listing, make sure your local WAPF Chapter Leader has your name for referrals.
  6. USDA, FDA and STATE AG AGENCIES PLEASE NOTE: Raw milk is Nature’s perfect food and is extremely important for the developing brains and nervous systems of infants and children. Furthermore, in many children not fortunate enough to have started life on raw milk, raw milk given later in childhood has improved autism, behavior problems, frequent infections, deafness, asthma and allergies and other serious health conditions. Please bear in mind that any move you make to stop or hinder a raw dairy operation will actually HARM, not help the infants and children who rely on that milk, and may make it difficult for all children to obtain this milk in the future–including your own children and grandchildren. An interruption in supply can be VERY detrimental to a growing infant or sick child who has no other options. Read for yourself on our Testimonials page. If you are concerned about safety, rest assured. In the farm-to-consumer distribution model, the farmer receives timely and relevant feedback directly from the customers, something that farmers selling bulk milk never receive. Raw milk is actually the safest food around with so much consumer oversight and also with an extremely efficient built-in anti-pathogen mechanism! If you are concerned about rules, then consider investing the same amount of time you’d spend persecuting a raw milk farmer into advocating for supportive raw milk legislation.
  7. LISTING SOURCES: The listings here are provided by people who discover sources of real milk in their communities and tell us about them. If you discover a listed supplier is no longer providing real milk, please tell us about it by following the instructions on the Add, Update, or Remove a Listing page. We trust our members and consumers to check out each farm to make sure it is clean and that the cows are mostly pasture fed.

Sources of real milk and real milk products in Nevada:

Check neighboring states if you live near a border, and contact the closest local chapter of the Weston A. Price Foundation.

Help us further our goal of legal access to raw milk in all 50 states!

There are only 7 to go–and Nevada is one of them. Read more here and donate here!


Gardnerville: Country Living Ranch: Trish, 1113 Centerville Ln.  Gardnerville, NV 89460, email:  Raw milk from Jersey cows – contact for free samples Raw milk sales are illegal in Nevada, but free samples are legal. Available fresh daily. They also have pigs & chickens. They follow the practices Donations toward feed are appreciated.



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  1. I am new to Reno, NV. Is there any place where I can buy raw milk from grass fed cows ? If some can give the info, I would appreciate. Thanks

  2. What about area of Carson City? I would love to buy raw milk from grass fed cows in Carson City. Any info on that? I would appreciate. Thanks.

  3. Farm 2 Vegas Table
    Grass fed beef, Organic produce, Nuts, raw honey, bee pollen, jams, and more. Visit

  4. Hello fellow Las Vegans,
    I was just as frustrated as you guys and saw the dire need for affordable grass fed beef, raw milk, organic meats and produce out here. There are only a couple cooperatives/ buying clubs in Vegas and they are a bit too expensive for me. So after doing months of research, I have found a farmer that is the best price and already have around 30 of my neighbors here in henderson all interested. Not sure if it will let me, but my email is and my # is 702-581-1175. Anyone interested in joining my buying club, feel free to let me know and I’ll add you to my list.

  5. Going to be driving to Utah to get real milk. If anyone us interested lets,start a club.
    Membership includes free milk.

  6. Is it just me that can’t find that info here for Jennifer? I feel like I’m either a dummy or I’m missing a page…all I can find is her phone number that was listed here, that is not going through for me when I call it. I would love to have the info for her website and definitely her co-op because that is exactly what I am looking for…as well as possibly nutritional counseling for myself & my baby, but I believe my grown Daughter & her boyfriend would likely be interested as well, if that is something Jennifer still does. Can someone please repost her website and contact info here…I would be super grateful! Thank you sooo much!

  7. Desperately needing to find raw milk in Southern Nevada. I live right near a Whole Foods, but it sounds as if it isn’t sold there and if it is truly not legal to sell in Nevada…I can see this is going to be difficult. Over the months, I have tried fenugreek, milk thistle, more milk plus and goats rue caps, as well as more milk special blend, mothers milk tea, fennel tea, oatmeal, half a stout beer, fresh fennel, the list goes on & on. We have also battled tongue tie, poor latch, severe colic, thrush multiple times, colic, loss of breast tissue after the mastitis, blocked ducts, and nipple blanching. It has been VERY hard, but worth the fight beyond what I could ever express. I will try anything at this point to get my supply back up again so if anyone can help with a raw milk connection I would be forever grateful for your help. Thank you so much ♡

      • Thank you, I did actually try this but wasnt able to locate any. I found some producers/sellers out of state only.
        S. Nevada is quite frustrating to me. How can it be so progressive where debaucherous behavior and entertainment is concerned, but light years behind in so many other, critically more important areas? Grrrrrrrrr

        Thank you for the idea though 🙂

        • If you read Jennifer’s comments and follow her links, you find her co op and website where she offers raw milk. I’m not sure about the rules here regarding posting website addresses so you will have to go back and re read her posts. I’m here in Las Vegas too and she is the only person to get it from unless you travel out of state.

  8. Anyone who is making the trip to St. George, I’d like to participate in ordering. Or if you know of any other co-ops here in Vegas or other farm sources that would be awesome. We support the Henderson farmer’s market every Friday, but could use additional sources. We moved here recently and used to be part of a CSA in Wisconsin and Colorado. You can reach me on my mobile number at 7O2-5I3-27O3. Thanks!!

    • We just moved here from WI too… And want to switch to raw milk. I would be willing to split up the drive with other willing people. 🙂

    • Thanks for your inquiry about REAL MILK availability for LV.

      Please contact me at 702-368-0302 – and will be glad to answer your questions.

      Glad to be of service….

      Blessings on your week

      Jennifer Vance, CNC

  9. Hi All,
    I have been sick for about 1 year from being over antibiotic-ed by the doctors! 7 Courses in 11 months. Strong ones to. It all started in Mexico. Been drinking raw goat milk for 5 days. Day 2 was the first relief of pain I’ve had in 12 months. Can anyone tell me where I can get raw goat milk in Vegas? Going on a 15 day fast.

  10. I am interested in a source for raw milk and other dairy products in Las Vegas. Driving to UT regularly is a chore I’d like to avoid if there is any type of “share”, etc.

    Please advise. You can reach me at


    • Thanks for your inquiry about REAL MILK availability for LV.

      Please contact me at 702-368-0302 – and will be glad to answer your questions.

      Glad to be of service….

      Blessings on your week

      Jennifer Vance, CNC

    • Thanks for your inquiry about REAL MILK availability for LV.

      Please contact me at 702-368-0302 – and will be glad to answer your questions.

      Glad to be of service….

      Blessings on your week

      Jennifer Vance, CNC

  11. Hi Jennifer,

    Tried to text your number, but don’t know if you got my message. Please email me options. I know how close St. George is, but not close enough to justify the cost of gas. Anything else you can offer? I would also be very interested in other nutritional advice.

  12. Hi Jennifer. Reyna Salas here. I tried calling you. The local number for Las Vegas on your email is NOT working for me. I get the message that says the message number has not been set up yet? ID=13. I am still in my quest to find raw milk in Southern Las Vegas area but I cannot afford to drive to California or Utah just to get raw milk. Thanks a million for all your help. Blessings

  13. Hi Audrey
    I’m a Certified Nutritional Consultant, and in teaching others about making changes in foods etc. for getting healthier and staying well, real milk is a main foundation for that.
    My husband and I have had the real milk in our daily regimen for over 25 years! Raised our children on it, and now grandchildren drinking it. An absolute must.
    Experiences have been all good and extremely beneficial. I don’t care what anyone else may say or have so- called “studies” about otherwise…. living proof speaks volumes!
    Email me or call if you like and we’ll chat.
    Looking forward to being of assistance.

    • Hi Jennifer!
      Please contact me at your earliest convenience…
      I would love too get the information from you about real milk availability..
      Thanks so much,

      • Sadly, it doesn’t appear anyone has had any luck in at least the last year of getting in touch with Jennifer the Nutritional Consultant…which is too bad because her services sound amazing. She sounds like exactly what I, and my adult Daughter, are looking for in terms of nutritional guidance. I have searched high and low & have not found a source of real milk here in S. Nevada yet. I found a great little health food store in a CA town that I already have to travel to every so often, they told me they have raw milk, butter, kefir, cheese etc. I think that even said ice cream. They also said that it does run out sometimes, so you have to call first and be there at the right time because there are so many people waiting. I have heard that even people who have a dairy sensitivity, or lactose intolerance seem to do fine with whole real unpasteurized milk. I am so interested to find out. I would like to use a nutritional consultant that is “clean, real, natural” minded rather than a regular dietician. Hopefully Jennifer will see our messages since her email & numbers are no longer working.

  14. I can not afford to drive to California or Utah just to buy raw milk. I am fermenting my milk with kefir grains. I grew up drinking raw milk in Mexico and never had a problem. It irritates me that we can not have access to raw milk here in Las Vegas. Politicians do not know anything about raw milk and it’s benefits. Where is my right to choose my own food? Can anybody help me find raw milk in Southern Las Vegas? HELP!!!

  15. A better solution is to contact the Governor and your state legislators to make raw milk legal. If 23 states have made it legal, why not Nevada? Many times, these leaders just need the people to ask for changes to make changes. The solution is to change a bad law instead of breaking the law.

  16. I’m looking to purchase som raw milk for my baby of 8months. I live in south reno nv any suggestions ?? Thanks

    • Hi Elizabeth –

      Raw milk is illegal in Nevada, but raw dairy products (including milk, cream, butter, etc.) are all legal for retail sale in California. Not sure where would be closest to you in CA, but I know that many “health food” stores (including Sprouts Farmer’s Markets and Whole Foods) carry such products. I would look up the closest location to you via, and then call the store ahead to make sure the product(s) you want are in-stock if it’s a substantial drive for you. If you’ll have to drive more than 30 min each way, I would recommend bringing a cooler with ice to keep it cold on the way home. Best of luck, and congrats on your new baby.

  17. We live in Vegas, and drive up every few weeks (for the past couple of years) to Real Foods Market in St. George…Good whole raw milk for a great price! We’ve also stopped in SoCal at BJ’s Health Food in Victorville, CA, to grab some Organic Pastures whole raw milk. Tasty as well, but a lot pricier. They also have raw cream & raw butter.

    Anyone know of the nearest source for raw goat milk? Thx!

  18. I always bring OPDC butter (Ask Sally Fallon of my antics or my Argentine or Grass Valley fans, BUTTERMILK SHOOTERS 4 ALL !), cheese, cream, kefir wherever I may roam & grab some gallons & Beef, soy free eggs, etc. IN UTAH Yeah Real Foods!! You Rule, you are the nachos to my inner Beavis!
    When, going with? On the 15 hour road trip Copper Mountain in BEAUTIFUL BREATHTAKING 12,111 FOOT ELEVATION Colorado where I finally grab some Elk I have been craving all season!!! Right at their health food store in (Dillon) for Skiing or Snowboarding national championships, one of the many ways I have earned 11 of them what else do Ke11y Slater & I have in common? He has 11 world championships

  19. Hi! I’m a California resident and will be going to Las Vegas for several months. I will need a source for raw milk. Could you please direct me to a source with some form of contact information? Thanks!

      • Thanks for your inquiry about REAL MILK availability for LV.

        Please contact me at 702-368-0302 – and will be glad to answer your questions.

        Glad to be of service….

        Blessings on your week

        Jennifer Vance, CNC

  20. Is there any place in Southern Nevada to buy raw/organic dairy products and grass fed meats free range eggs and chickens etc. Do you folks ship to consumers and if so could you please send me a list of your products and prices? It would be most appreciated. Tyvm

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