Pennsylvania Producers with Raw Milk & Raw Milk Cheese Permits

Name Town County Product(s)
Caprine Delight Gettysburg Adams Goat Milk & Cheese
Dove Song Dairy Bernville Berks Goat Milk & Cheese
M & B Farview Farm Hamburg Berks Cow Milk & Goat Milk
Norman or Edith Sauder Kutztown Berks Cow Milk
David or Terella Rice Williamsburg Blair Cow Milk
His Kids Dairy Wyalusing Bradford Goat Milk & Cheese
Birchwood Farms Newtown Bucks Cow Milk
Swiss Villa Dairy Gratz Dauphin Cow Milk
Twin Maple Goat Dairy Millersburg Dauphin Goat Milk & Cheese
Elmer & Marthe King Aaronsburg Centre Cow Milk
Spring Bank Acres Rebersburg Centre Cow Milk & Cow Milk Products
Camphill Village Kimberton Chester Cow Milk
D B Messner Glenmore Chester Cow Milk
Greystone Nubians Malvern Chester Goat Milk & Goat Milk Products
Shellbark Hollow Farm West Chester Chester Goat Milk & Goat Milk Products
Mark J Stoltzfus Mill Hall Clinton Cow Milk & Cheese
Travis Bountiful Acres Carlisle Cumberland Goat Milk & Cheese
Keswick Creamery Newburg Cumberland Cheese
Wil-Ar Farm Newville Cumberland Cheese
Byers’ Organic Dairy Mercersburg Franklin Cow Milk & Cheese
Stoney Ridge Farm Chambersburg Franklin Cow Milk
Colonial Goat Dairy Gordenville Lancaster Goat Milk
Conestoga Valley Ephrata Lancaster Cow Milk
John Fisher Manheim Lancaster Goat Milk
Misty Creek Dairy Leola Lancaster Goat Milk
King Fisher Dairy Elizabethtown Lancaster Goat Milk
Country Side Dairy Paradise Lancaster Cow Milk
Greenhills Farm Quarryville Lancaster Cheese
Green Valley Farm Kirkwood Lancaster Cheese
Wentworth Ayrshires & Jerseys Quarryville Lancaster Cow Milk
Pauker Farm Myerstown Lebanon Cow Milk
Red Gate Farm Palmyra Lebanon Goat Milk
Hendricks Farm Telford Montgomery Cow Milk & Cheese
Windswept Farm Bethlehem Northampton Goat Milk
Elly Hushour Nazareth Northampton Goat Milk
Kleins Farmhouse Creamery Easton Northampton Cow Milk & Cheese
Hilltop Meadow Farm Pine Grove Schuylkill Cow Milk & Cheese
Dianna Hersman Polk Venango Cow Milk
Melvin Franicola Darragh Westmoreland Cow Milk
Norma J. Warner New Park York Goat Milk

24 thoughts on “Pennsylvania Producers with Raw Milk & Raw Milk Cheese Permits

  1. I am sorry I forgot to mention that I am currently living in Philadelphia, so I would be interested in finding the raw unsalted butter and Kefir near me if possible

  2. I am looking for raw cows milk near Barkeyville, PA I found one nam, Dianna Hersman Dairy, but I can’t find any contact info. Thanks

    Dr. Joe A

    • This site is primarily about connecting individual consumers with small family farms who are producing raw dairy products for families in their immediate area. Not for connecting farms with manufacturers. However, I’ll let the comment stand; perhaps there are farmers reading this who are looking for a bulk buyer.

  3. We are looking for Raw milk suppliers for processing, we are setting up a dairy processing plant , we would need 25,000 Liters per day of Cow Milk.


    • Thanks, please let the farmer know about this website and encourage them to submit a listing. We don’t mention farms on the listings or in comments unless they are okay with it because of the potential for negative attention from government that this site can bring.

    • Dick, could you email me the name of that farm near Meadville? priscilla bowser at yahoo dot com. I spelled everything out cause it wouldn’t let me give my email otherwise

  4. I am searching for a source of raw milk closest to DC. Route 70 goes into PA. There might be a closer route. I don’t want a cow share in Va. Where is the closest choice in PA.?

  5. Can someone help me
    Looking for a farm or dairy market that sells Raw or low pasteurized Goats Milk near west linden Allentown Area or that delivers …
    Thank you

    • Try Sunny Bridge Natural Foods Grocery Store in McMurray, just off Route 19, across from where Sears Repair used to be. They usually have it.

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