Nature’s Healing Gift

A Collection of Raw Milk Testimonies
Compiled by Laura Kozicki

Laura Kozicki has collected testimonials from raw milk drinkers. Read a sample here: Nature’s Healing Gift-Sample. The final page includes an order form if you’d like to order the full document. Resale pricing available.


12 thoughts on “Nature’s Healing Gift

  1. Hi,
    I have been suffering from gastric disorders for the past 2 years…though there is no official name for my condition…just feel nauseous most of the time or have dysentry.i wanted to try raw milk. Do u boil raw milk before consuming ? pls let me know.

    • No! The naturally occurring enzymes and friendly bacteria in raw milk are destroyed by too much heat. Destruction of enzymes begins at 118°F and is complete at 180°F.

    • I know this is very late to reply to your comment, but in case you are still looking for answers … I felt the way you had the majority of my life, since the age of seven. Just nauseous, upset stomach pretty much all the time. No doctor could figure it out! I was even treated for h. Pilori (a parasite), and it didn’t kick my nausea. Finally after my first baby was born, and I did an elimination diet to help her horrible colic and rashes, I realized I was gluten intolerant (as was my baby). In less than a week my 14 year nausea that I just learned to live with, cleared up! Six months later I discovered we also had soy allergies, and eliminated that from our diet, which has cleared most of my migraines. Now we are transitioning to raw dairy and are so excited to see our health improve further! If you are still dealing with nausea, consider trying an elimination diet to determine if you have am underlying food intolerance, it may change your life!

  2. Hi-
    Regarding phd. Great book, but a bad idea for gi disease. There is a reason starches(sweet potato/rice) are not permitted on scd or gaps or strict paleo diets for that matter. The one serious flaw with the phd book. However, the authors were not writing for gi disease and overall its a good diet for healthy guts. Although, they put way too much emphasis on starch and glucose. Starches are NOT needed in a healthy diet. With gut damage, they are disastrous. I speak from experience.
    Follow the Gaps book guidelines for dairy consumption. Best of luck!

  3. Hello, Laura,
    do you have any encouragement for our son, who is severely ill with Celiac disease and severe Ulcerative Colitis? We have just received our first delivery of raw cow and goat milk after signing up with a dairy farm, having found he seems to tolerate this somewhat better than other foods, though it is very early days.
    We are researching diets (SCD-based, mainly), as we are desperate to get him off the drugs the medics have put him on, as soon as possible. So many of these diets prohibit dairy – presumably based on studies themselves exclusively based on pasteurized milk products? We are already ‘converted’ to whole milk (yes, to Christ, too : ) ), but would love to know if you have any stories of people with severe G.I. disorders who, despite the general dairy prohibition of so many otherwise excellent diets they may have been following, have found raw milk (goat / cow / both?) to have been really helpful.
    We do now have Nourishing Traditions, and I’ve ordered Breaking the Vicious Cycle, also The Maker’s Diet and Restoring your Digestive Health. We are trusting these will help, but are at this stage at the edge of having to resort back to steroids – which we so much do not want to do (they have caused so many other problems for our son).
    Fighting back tears, trying to trust…
    Thank you, and God bless.

    • Hello Jessica. Good luck on your journey with your son. Laura doesn’t maintain this site so she is personally unlikely to see your comment. I noticed that the link to her sample document is broken. I have fixed it. She provides her email address and phone number on the last page.

      Meanwhile, I see you are looking into SCD–that diet does allow yogurt that has been fermented 24 hours to remove all milk sugar. Perhaps in later stages you can have just plain raw milk and regular yogurt.

      Consider looking into the GAPS diet as well, developed by Natasha Campbell-MacBride and rooted in the SCD.

      Be aware of the possibility of a die-off reaction when using foods with good bacteria…they can make symptoms appear worse but this is temporary and due to the die off and excretion of large amounts of the bad bacteria. It can help to start slowly with the probiotic food and build up, so the die-off isn’t as extreme, and the person is more comfortable.

      Best wishes…many have traveled the hard road you are on. Keep trusting you’ll find the answers.


      • Many thanks for these very helpful suggestions, Jill. I will keep these and put them to good use.
        You (and your readers) will be glad to know that we did eventually get to the bottom of our son’s problem – and no thanks to the doctors! He actually had Amoebic Colitis, due to a nasty pathogen called Entamoeba histolytica, which very nearly killed him. Although the doctors knew he had contracted dysentery in the Dominican Republic – a country known for its parasitic infections, especially Amoebic Dysentery (which, as it becomes chronic, causes Amoebic Ulcerative Colitis), they belittled our son’s attempts to convince them that he sensed he still had an active pathogen in his body, and treated him with immuno-suppressant steroids (Prednisone) and immuno-modulating drugs (Imuran, Humira). Once we discovered the disease whose description 100% matched James’s history and his symptoms – Amoebic Colitis (the umbrella term is ‘Amoebiasis’, as there are other manifestations, including ulcers in the liver, lungs, and brain), we also found out that these drugs were the very worst things the doctors could have prescribed.
        Calcium Bentonite clay, as it turns out, can help rid the body of toxins including heavy metals, and also of parasites, but you have to know what you are doing (more research needed here!). Raw milk products are perfect for the recovery phase, and James is doing extremely well on raw goat’s milk yoghurt right now (heavenly stuff!), you’ll be pleased to know. I will gladly answer questions and provide more information from the research we have done, if anybody with a similar problem (and in a similar state of panic!) needs help. : )
        Once again, thank you for ‘being there’. Yay for the Raw Milk Commmunity and for Weston Price-aholics!

        • Hi- I am so happy for your son that you are seeing improvement. Can I asked if you saw behavior issues or exema from die off when you introduced raw milk?
          Thank you so much for your help and support!

        • Did you speak with an attorney? If your statute of limitations has not expired, I sure suggest it.
          Doctors get away with too much.And people who call it immoral to be compensated for damage done to them have no sense.

    • You might want to check out Paul Jaminet & The Perfect Health Diet as well. Some excellent info & testimonials in the book, as well as their website. Just google the perfect health diet.

    • Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride, M.D. ( neurologist and nutritionist) treats patients with autoimmune diseases with the GAPS diet, The GAPS diet is an expanded version of the Specific Carbohydrate Diet with raw milk made into yogurt that is allowed to ferment for 24 hours at a lower temperature than the SCD. There are very specific instructions on when dairy can be introduced (, go to online store, purchase book: “Gut and Psychology Syndrome”. At you can find a GAPS counselor near you). This remarkable diet will give you the help you need. The results are remarkable.

    • please look into “cooked green bananas” reseraches and how its healing so many GI diseases by repairing the microbiota mainly through the short-chain fatty acids from these cooked green bananas. Also, look into possibility of FMT (fecal microbial transplant) working for your son. its 2018 though, and i have just seen this thread, so i hope all is well now.

      In Christ,

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