Nature’s Healing Gift

A Collection of Raw Milk Testimonies
Compiled by Laura Kozicki

Laura Kozicki has collected testimonials from raw milk drinkers. Read a sample here: Nature’s Healing Gift-Sample. The final page includes an order form if you’d like to order the full document. Resale pricing available.


4 thoughts on “Nature’s Healing Gift

  1. please look into “cooked green bananas” reseraches and how its healing so many GI diseases by repairing the microbiota mainly through the short-chain fatty acids from these cooked green bananas. Also, look into possibility of FMT (fecal microbial transplant) working for your son. its 2018 though, and i have just seen this thread, so i hope all is well now.

    In Christ,

  2. Did you speak with an attorney? If your statute of limitations has not expired, I sure suggest it.
    Doctors get away with too much.And people who call it immoral to be compensated for damage done to them have no sense.

  3. I know this is very late to reply to your comment, but in case you are still looking for answers … I felt the way you had the majority of my life, since the age of seven. Just nauseous, upset stomach pretty much all the time. No doctor could figure it out! I was even treated for h. Pilori (a parasite), and it didn’t kick my nausea. Finally after my first baby was born, and I did an elimination diet to help her horrible colic and rashes, I realized I was gluten intolerant (as was my baby). In less than a week my 14 year nausea that I just learned to live with, cleared up! Six months later I discovered we also had soy allergies, and eliminated that from our diet, which has cleared most of my migraines. Now we are transitioning to raw dairy and are so excited to see our health improve further! If you are still dealing with nausea, consider trying an elimination diet to determine if you have am underlying food intolerance, it may change your life!

  4. No! The naturally occurring enzymes and friendly bacteria in raw milk are destroyed by too much heat. Destruction of enzymes begins at 118°F and is complete at 180°F.

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