UK’s Food Standards Agency Still Reviewing Raw Milk Guidelines: Input Needed

On February 3, 2014 the UK’s Food Standards Agency published proposals that would continue to allow farmers to sell raw milk directly to consumers at their farms, farmers markets and over the internet, but would prohibit wider retail sales, including vending machines at grocery stores.

The FSA began reviewing raw milk standards in October 2013, following a high profile prosecution against a dairy farmer who sold raw milk through a vending machine in Selfridges’ department stores. The FSA’s review covered England, Wales, and Northern Ireland (the sale of raw milk is banned in Scotland).

After four months of review, the FSA “…does not believe the regulations need changing, but businesses and those who enforce the rules need greater clarity on what is acceptable,” says Steve Wearne, Head of Policy at the FSA (Dairy Reporter). Dairy UK, the largest “Big Dairy” lobbying group, has called to outlaw all raw milk sales and there is some concern that the FSA’s final review will include an option to require that all milk is pasteurized before going on sale, therefore completely banning raw milk.

However, as part of the consultation, the FSA has invited members of the public to share their views on raw milk. Click here to share your support of raw milk.

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