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Important Message to All Raw Milk Producers and Consumers:
The Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund (FTCLDF) protects your right to provide and obtain raw milk. All raw milk producers should be members of the FTCLDF and we strongly encourage all raw milk consumers to help protect their access to raw milk by becoming consumer members as well.

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Important Notes about the Listings | How to Add, Update, or Remove a Listing

US Listings–Click on a state and the listings will appear below the Notes.

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Important Notes about the Listings

  1. RAW MILK POLICY STATEMENT: The Weston A. Price Foundation’s goals include promoting a healthy diet for people everywhere, based on natural and traditional foods, and assisting individuals and families in accessing those foods through information, education, and helping to restore the direct relationship between food consumers and food producers. The Foundation believes, based on sound scientific evidence, that raw milk is an important component of a healthy diet. To assist its members and the public in obtaining raw milk, the Foundation publishes a list of farms that produce it, because this information is not otherwise readily and comprehensively available to consumers. Listing of a farm does not imply endorsement by the Foundation. Individuals who purchase raw milk and other natural foods for themselves and their families need to “know their farmer” because they bear the responsibility for ensuring that they are getting safe and healthy products.
  2. NO ADVERTISING: The Foundation accepts no money for the listings; the listings are not advertisements. All listings are at the sole discretion of the Weston A. Price Foundation.
  3. NO MARKETING: The email addresses listed here are not to be used for any purpose other than to contact the farmers regarding the availability of their products. Use of the listed email addresses for marketing or other such purposes is strictly prohibited.
  4. RAW MILK CONSUMERS PLEASE NOTE: This list of raw milk sources probably represents only a portion of the raw milk producers in your state. For additional raw milk sources, contact your local Weston A. Price Foundation Chapter Leader.
  5. RAW MILK PRODUCERS PLEASE NOTE: The FDA and State Agencies have discovered this list and sometimes use it for their own purposes, so exercise caution with your listing. If you choose not to have a listing, make sure your local WAPF Chapter Leader has your name for referrals.
  6. USDA, FDA and STATE AG AGENCIES PLEASE NOTE: Raw milk is Nature’s perfect food and is extremely important for the developing brains and nervous systems of infants and children. Furthermore, in many children not fortunate enough to have started life on raw milk, raw milk given later in childhood has improved autism, behavior problems, frequent infections, deafness, asthma and allergies and other serious health conditions. Please bear in mind that any move you make to stop or hinder a raw dairy operation will actually HARM, not help the infants and children who rely on that milk, and may make it difficult for all children to obtain this milk in the future–including your own children and grandchildren. An interruption in supply can be VERY detrimental to a growing infant or sick child who has no other options. Read for yourself on our Testimonials page. If you are concerned about safety, rest assured. In the farm-to-consumer distribution model, the farmer receives timely and relevant feedback directly from the customers, something that farmers selling bulk milk never receive. Raw milk is actually the safest food around with so much consumer oversight and also with an extremely efficient built-in anti-pathogen mechanism! If you are concerned about rules, then consider investing the same amount of time you’d spend persecuting a raw milk farmer into advocating for supportive raw milk legislation.
  7. LISTING SOURCES: The listings here are provided by people who discover sources of real milk in their communities and tell us about them. If you discover a listed supplier is no longer providing real milk, please tell us about it by following the instructions on the Add, Update, or Remove a Listing page. We trust our members and consumers to check out each farm to make sure it is clean and that the cows are mostly pasture fed.

Sources of real milk and real milk products in California:

CREMA is an at-large chapter of Weston A. Price Foundation in California, and a membership organization of raw milk consumers, united to seek parity for raw milk in the milk market, through activism, legislation, and education. Visit their new website:

Miller’s Biodiversity Farm: leave a message at: 717-786-7895. 100 percent grass-fed. 100 percent of their milk is A2-A2. Real nutrient-dense products directly from the farmer. They ship nationally to doors in all 48 contiguous states. Reduced or free delivery to groups in NJ, NY, and MA. Open to establishing new drop sites throughout the US. Willing to be a vendor at your workshop or conference. Products: raw grass-fed milk – cow, goat, sheep and camel, raw yogurt – cow, goat and sheep, raw kefir – cow, goat and sheep, raw cheese – cow, goat and sheep, raw cream, sour cream, cottage cheese w/ cream, butter, ice cream; pasture raised meats – beef, pork and soy-free poultry, soy-free fertile pastured eggs, beef suet, tallow, pork fat, lard, beef and chicken stocks, cultured vegetables, homemade breads, soaked/dried nuts and seeds, raw honey, maple syrup, kombucha, beet kvass. They are a buying club; free to create an account and purchase with them. Visit for details or to place an order. They guarantee customer service and product quality.


  • Claravale Dairy: web:; phone: 831-628-3219. Raw Jersey milk and raw goat milk. Claravale cows eat hay, grain-based dairy feeds, and pastures (read more on their website FAQ). Carried in many stores throughout California.
  • Evergreen Acres Goat Dairy, Mike and Jane Hulme, 606 Santa Anita Road, Tres Pinos, CA 95075, web:, phone: 831-628-3736, email:, is a Guernsey goat breeder and Grade A certified producer of high butter fat raw goat milk, goat milk products and cheese. Raw cultured goat milk products: raw goatgirt, raw kefir and raw aged goat cheese (feta and cheshire). Carried in many stores throughout California.
  • Organic Pastures: web:; phone: 559-846-9732 or 877-Raw-Milk. A mixed breed herd feeds on irrigated green pasture at least eight months of the year and also receives a mixture of organic corn, oats, and alfalfa plus organically approved mineral supplements and salt. Carried in many stores throughout California.
  • San Martin Milk Company, Jeff Whalen, 1565 E. Middle Ave. San Martin, CA 95046. phone: 408-893-8441, email: Grade A Raw Milk Dairy. order from for free delivery to your doorstep (Bay area). LA/ SD will start next 2 months.
  • Schoch Family Farmstead: web: Salinas, CA. Raw milk products at farmers markets, grocery stores, and restaurants in Northern California.

Retail Chains: Reader reports on individual stores indicates that many, if not all, outlets of the following grocery chains in California carry raw milk products from the dairies listed above:

Anaheim: Wholesome Choice carries raw Jersey milk from Claravale Dairy.

Anaheim Hills: Mother’s Market, 5759 E Santa Ana Canyon Rd., Anaheim CA 92807, phone: 714-974-6667, web: Carries Claravale Dairy raw cow and goat milk and Organic Pastures raw cow milk, cream, butter, and cheese.

Apple Valley: Mary’s Raw Goat Milk, Mary Erstad, phone: 760-961-1290; email:; web: Raw goat milk from heritage Nubians.

Atascadero: Rainbow Hill Farm; Sandy or Toni; phone: 805-462-2932. Raw goat milk for pets, cheese, yogurt, crafts, etc., and fertile, free-range chicken eggs. La Mancha and mini-Nubians available.

Auburn: Sunrise Market, 2160 Grass Valley Hwy Auburn, CA 95603. phone: 530-888-8973. website: Carries raw milk and raw milk products.

Bakersfield: Lassen’s Natural Foods, 4308 California Ave, Bakersfield CA, 93309; phone: 661-324-6990; web: (Lassen stores throughout California). Raw cow milk and cheese and raw goat milk.

BerkeleyMonterey Market, 1550 Hopkins St., Berkeley CA 94707, web: Raw cow and goat milk.

Bird’s Landing: Located between Fairfield and Rio Vista, on Olsen Rd. Please contact Mary at 707-410-5547. Raw goat milk available from Nigerian Dwarves and Alpine goats. Does are on pasture and alfalfa hay. $6 for a half gallon jar.

Boulder Creek:

  • Boulder Creek Goat Farm; web:; sells raw goat milk for pets, livestock, and soap-making.
  • Forbes Family Ranch, 700 Orman Rd.; Jessica Forbes; phone: 831-338-2663; email: Raw milk, yogurt, cheese, and meat from Nubian, Alpine, Nigerian, and Boer goats fed alfalfa, grains, and pasture. Cheeses include Ricotta, Mozzarella, and many flavors of Chevre. Seasonal grain-fed turkeys. Chicken and eggs; fed lay pellets and free range.

Bonsall: Selling raw goat milk for pet and craft purposes. email: Or text: 858-722-4181. Pick up in Bonsall, Escondido or Old Town San Diego. Milk from mainly Nigerian Dwarf goats. Hand-milked, strained and refrigerated. Goat milk soaps are also available. Please no phone calls unless you are an established customer.

Brea: Mother’s Market, 413 S Associated Road, Brea CA 92821-5802, phone: 714-990-6667, web: Carries Claravale Dairy raw cow and goat milk and Organic Pastures raw cow milk, cream, butter, and cheese.


  • Full O’ Life: sells Claravale raw milk and cheese.
  • Sprouts: carries raw milk products.

Capitola: New Leaf Community Market carries Claraville raw milk and Organic Pastures raw milk, raw butter and raw cheese.

Carlsbad: Sprouts on El Camino Real carries raw milk.

Concord: Harvest House Natural Food Store, 2395 Monument Blvd # M Concord CA 94520; phone: 888-655-0728; web: Carries raw dairy products.

Corona: Arranging a buyer group for raw milk. Email for more information: .

Costa Mesa:

  • Sprouts, Harbor Blvd. Raw milk available.
  • Mother’s Market, 1890 Newport Blvd., Costa Mesa CA 92627, phone: 949-631-4741, web: Carries Organic Pastures raw cow milk, cream, butter, and cheese, and Claravale Dairy raw cow and goat milk.

Cotati: Olivers Market, 546 E Cotati Ave., Cotati CA 94931, phone: 707-795-9501. Open Monday to Sunday: 7 am to 11 pm. Carries Claravale raw milk.

Cottonwood: Duivenvoorden Farms, Marc and Seth Duivenvoorden, 19490 Draper Road Cottonwood, CA 96022, phone: 530-567-8178, email:, web:, Facebook: DuivenvoordenFarms. Raw milk herdshare dairy. Cows are pasture fed. They also feed a small amount of corn in the milk barn and we are introducing a brand new fodder feed system this fall and will be feeding the cows high quality sprouted grains. Our cows are a mixed herd, Holstein, Jersey and Guernsey. Call for more information.

Culver City: Rainbow Acres, 13208 W Washington Blvd, Culver City CA 90066, phone: 310-823-8381. Carries Claravale and Organic Pastures products.

Davis: Davis Food Co-op, 620 G St.; phone: 530-758-2667; web: Carries Organic Pastures raw milk and several raw cheeses.

Diamond Bar: Diamond Fresh Farmers Market, 21168 Golden Springs Dr, Diamond Bar, CA 91765. Carries Claravale raw milk and raw goat milk.

East Bay: Sprouts carries raw dairy products.

El Centro: The Sprouts Farmers Market, in Yuma, Az. (1590 S 4th Ave.) offers Fond Du Lac Farms raw milk in half gallons.

Elk Grove: Sprouts on Laguna Blvd carries raw and organic dairy products.


  • Sprouts: 510 West 13th Ave, Escondido CA 92025-5699, web:, phone: 760-743-1528. Organic Pastures raw whole milk.
  • Jimbo’s Natural Foods/4S Ranch Stores carry raw milk, raw butter, and raw colostrum from Organic Pastures.
  • Selling raw goat milk for pet and craft purposes. email: Or text: 858-722-4181. Pick up in Bonsall, Escondido or Old Town San Diego. Milk from mainly Nigerian Dwarf goats. Hand-milked, strained and refrigerated. Goat milk soaps are also available.  Please no phone calls unless you are an established customer.

Fairfax: Good Earth, 1966 Sir Francis Drake Blvd., Fairfax CA 94930; phone: 415-454-0123 or 415-456-3418; web: Carries both Claravale and Organic Pastures, including Claravale whole raw cream. One of the only stores in the area to carry raw milk products after Whole Foods in San Rafael decided to not sell raw milk.

Fallbrook: Major Market, 845 S. Main Ave. Fallbrook, CA 92028, phone: 760-723-0857. Offers Organic Pastures raw cow milk.

Felton: New Leaf Community Market carries Claraville raw milk and Organic Pastures raw milk, raw butter and raw cheese.

Fresno: Organic Pastures Dairy Company, 7221 So. Jameson, Fresno CA 93706; phone: 1-877-RAW-MILK; web: Full line of retail-approved, inspected raw, pasture-fed (plus grain at milking time) dairy products, including: raw milk, butter, cream, cheese, kefir, colostrum, and more. See website for details.

Half Moon Bay: New Leaf Community Market carries Claraville raw milk and Organic Pastures raw milk, raw butter and raw cheese.

Hanford: HHH Farms Kings HHH Dairy Goats, 6779 16th Ave, Hanford CA 93230; phone: 559-273-7642: web:; email: (place herdshare in subject line). Dairy goat herdshares.

Healdsburg: Wyeth Acres, Hannah Noel Paquette, located just off Hwy 101 in south Healdsburg, CA, 95448, phone: 707-696-5405, email:, web: The farm has 5 milking goats: toggenburg/la mancha/ sonnen. The goats roam an acre of green pasture that is rotated with 200 chickens seasonally. They are fed alfalfa in the mornings and evenings and feast on a wet cobb/grain dairy mix in the mornings and evenings as they are being milked by hand. Wyeth Acres sells raw goats’ milk by the half gallon and also has a stand at the Healdsburg Farmer’s Market that sells eggs exclusively. Raw goats milk is $10 /half gallon. Eggs are $6 at the farmers market. Farm available for weekly customers only, upon request. Pick-up/deliveries are negotiable, so as to work with everyone’s schedule. Hours for phone calls are 7:30am-7:30pm Mon-Sat. They recycle all jars.

Huntington Beach: Mother’s Market, 19770 Beach Blvd. Huntington Beach CA 92648, phone: 714-963-6667, web: Carries Organic Pastures raw cow milk, cream, butter, and cheese, and Claravale Dairy raw cow and goat milk.


  • Mother’s Market, 2963 Michelson Dr., Irvine CA 92612, phone: 949-752-6667, web: Carries Organic Pastures raw cow milk, cream, butter, and cheese, and Claravale Dairy raw cow and goat milk.
  • Sprouts Farmers Market in Irvine, CA has raw milk and cream.

Isla Vista: The Isla Vista Food Coop, 6575 Seville Rd., Isla Vista; phone: 805-968-1401; web: Open 8am to 10pm daily. Carry Organic Pastures products: raw whole milk, colostrum, cream, butter, cultured butter, and cheese.


  • Riverwood Oaks Farm: Heather and Kierstin, phone: 760-443-7122, email: Alpine and Nubian goats, organic grain, well water, natural health management. Milk is $5/quart. Cheese and yogurt upon request. Farm tours available, including goat yoga.
  • Raw goat milk available, call 760-889-3868 for more information.

Laguna Woods: Mother’s Market, 24165 Paseo de Valencia Laguna Woods CA 92653, phone: 949-768-6667, web: Carries Organic Pastures raw cow milk, cream, butter, and cheese, and Claravale Dairy raw cow and goat milk.

Lakeport: Yerba Santa Goat Dairy; phone: 707-263-8131. Raw cheese from grass-fed goats.

Lincoln: Bannister Oak Farms, Todd & Sherry Kruger, 7535 S. Forbes Rd. Lincoln, CA 95648, phone: 916-949-8934, email:, Facebook: Bannister Oak Farms. The Krugers’ have a raw milk Herd Share Program. They offer delivery to nine milk drop locations in the greater Sacramento area. They are the care takers of Jersey cows and Alpine goats. The animals are mainly grass fed, pastured on 5 acres with a supplement of alfalfa,oat hay and kelp, and the animals receive a small portion of non GMO grain at milking. A dairy laboratory is used to test their milk monthly to insure the highest safety standards for their herd share owners and families. Farm tours are encouraged. Please call for more information on prices, hours and availability.


  • Caprine Cream, Nan Kerbo, phone: 559-302-8401, email: Goat milk, colostrum, and soap from Nigerian Dwarf, Alpine, Lamancha, and Nubian goats. Mostly pasture fed plus local hay. TB testing.
  • Three Sisters Farmstead Cheese, 24163 Road 188, Lindsay CA 93247; phone: 559-562-2132; email:; web: An American original Italian-style cheese made from a family herd of Jersey cows. It’s neither sharp nor salty with a slight bite that Parmesan imparts and the sweetness and nuttiness typical of Gruyere.

Loch Lomond: Dino’s Market, 10336 Loch Lomond Rd. Carries Organic Pastures milk, cream and butter, and Landmark raw goat cheese.

Los Angeles:

  • Eagle Rock: Organix Market, 1731 Colorado Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90041, web: Carries raw cow milk and can order raw goat milk.
  • Erewhon, 7660 E Beverly Blvd., Los Angeles CA 90036; phone: 323-937-0777. Raw cow and goat milk.
  • Los Feliz: Lassen’s Natural Foods & Vitamins, 2080 Hillhurst Ave, Los Angeles CA, 90027,, carries raw cow and goat milk according to a reader. Does anyone know if all the Lassens locations in CA carry raw milk?

Madera: K Ranch Creamery, Steve & Audrey Kohout  phone:559-676-2072, email:, web: Jersey Dairy herd share.  No grains except barley and soaked beet pulp. Pasture raised chickens, pasture milk pork, grass fed beef. Farm Girls Soap and natural products made with cow milk and essential oils. Tallow balm made from our grass fed beef cattle. All products made at their ranch. Weston Price members and Farm to Consumer legal defense members. Please call for more information.

Malibu: Pacific Coast Greens, 22601 Pacific Coast Hwy. Claravale raw milk delivered every Saturday; usually sells out by Sunday evening.

Marina Del Rey: Rainbow Acres, 4756 Admiralty Way, Marina del Rey CA 90292, phone: 310-823-5373. Carries Claravale and Organic Pastures raw milk.

Mount Shasta: Kid Creek Pastures, Jacob and Shawna Barr, 507 S Old Stage Road, Mount Shasta, CA 96067.  email:, website:, Facebook: KidCreekPastures. Herdshare: three Jersey cows, fed pastures, hay, fodder (sprouted grains), no GMOs. Herd ownership and farm membership required. See website for details. Share fees: $78-$156 per quarter, depending on quantity of product desired. Fluid raw milk only. A RAWMI LISTED farm conducting bacterial milk testing monthly and adhering to a well developed processing plan to ensure sanitary conditions. See our Milk Quality Plan on our website.

Mountain View: Ava’s Downtown Market & Deli, 340 Castro St., Mountain View CA 94041; phone: 650-961-5652; email:; web: Carries Claravale raw whole milk.

Oceanside: Sprouts, 471 College Blvd., Oceanside CA 92057 (Hwy 76 & College Blvd), phone: 760-726-7274, web: Sprouts Stores.  Carries raw milk and raw cultured butter.

Ojai (Ventura County): Rainbow Bridge Natural Food Store carries the Organic Pastures line of raw cow milk products. Web:

Orange: Sprouts carries Organic Pastures

Palm Springs: Coachella Valley offers raw milk products; Ms. Laura Laffranchini, Owner. Harvest Health Foods, 73910 State Hwy 111, Ste. D, Palm Desert CA 92260; phone: 760-346-3215.

Paso Robles: Davis Organic Farm; phone: 805-423-1153; email: Raw cow and goat milk available for animal and craft use. Hand milked. No hormones or antibiotics used. Free-range chicken and duck eggs; organic fruits and vegetables in season.

Pinon Hills: Rainbow Ranch Farms, Xenia, phone: 760-868-6206; email:; web: Raw whey and cheese from raw cow milk.


  • Placerville Natural Foods Co-op, 535 Placerville Drive, Placerville CA 95667; phone: 530-621-3663.
  • Free Hand Farm, Spencer & Melissa Tregilgas, 941 Cold Springs Rd., Placerville, CA, 95667, phone: 530-295-9458, email:, web:, Facebook: freehandfarm. Milking herd of three Jersey and Shorthorn cows, on holistically managed pasture all year, fed supplemental grass and alfalfa hay, minerals, and a very small amount of sprouted barley. Herdshare, raw milk available exclusively to share owners. Milk tested weekly for bacteria counts to assure quality. Located near Hwy 50 in the Coloma/Lotus area. Please call ahead to schedule a tour or learn more about the farm. Pastured eggs from hens fed sprouted barley and milk, pastured broilers, pastured pork and grass fed lamb available on farm as well.

Pleasanton: Valley Health Mill, 3037 Hopyard Rd, Ste J, Pleasanton CA 94588. Health Food Store carries Organic Pastures raw milk, raw cream and raw butter.

Point Reyes:

  • Giacomini Family’s Farmstead Cheese; web: Original Blue raw milk cheese from Grade A raw milk from a closed herd of pastured Holstein cows. Order online or available at many stores across the country; see website for retailer listing.
  • Palace Market, 11300 California 1, Point Reyes Station CA, phone; 415-663-1016, web: Claravale raw milk sold in quarts. Store receives delivery every Friday at 8 a.m.

Poway (San Diego county): Urban Acres Farm, Poway CA, Jena Williams; email: Fresh and frozen raw goat milk for pet use from Nubian and Nigerian Dwarf goats. Milk tested monthly for butterfat, protein, somatic cell counts, and random pathogen testing at a dairy lab.


  • Lindy Haven Goats, Linda J. Pannill-Smith; phone: 760-788-1172; email: Raw goat milk for pet consumption. Goatshares. Goat milk fudge, kefir, fresh Chevre cheese for pets. Goat kids for sale Nubian, Mini Nubian, Mini Toggenburg, Nigerian Dwarf, Boer-crosses, NuMancha, and Nigora. NOTE FROM THE FARMER: She has been experiencing some health issues and is interested in offering a barter deal: “If someone can do the milking, plus help clean the milking equipment ( she has a milking machine ) they can have half the milk harvest. Need maybe 2 – 5 people or more. Just enough so at least one person can milk once a day, everyday. If you milk whole herd, we should get at least six or more gallons a day. The person needs to bring their own containers and an ice-filled cooler for their half of the milk.”
  • Nubian Goat Barn, D St, Ramona CA, 92065; email: Hand-milked fresh and frozen raw goat milk for pet consumption and craft use only. Purebred Nubian goat kids available for sale as well as handmade soap (goat milk, vegan & all-natural), natural laundry soap, and flax seed hot/cold pads. They are a small family farm with a herd of registered Purebred Anglo Nubian goats feeding on grass hay and graze. Located in town, pick up only, no delivery.
  • Ramona Family Naturals, 642 Main Street, Ramona CA 92065; phone: 800-778-3515; web: Organic Pastures and Claravale raw milk products available. Weekly deliveries from the dairy. Call or order online for delivery or pick-up at 26178 Matlin Road, Ramona CA 92065. See website for more information.

Rancho Mirage: Clark’s Nutrition & Natural Food Market, 34175 Monterey Ave. Rancho Mirage, CA 92270; phone: 760-324-4626; web: Carries Organic Pastures raw milk, cream, butter and kefir.

Riverside: Goodwin’s Organics, 191 W. Big Springs Rd, Riverside CA 92507; phone: 951-682-2667; web: Carry Organic Pastures products; also deliver to home in Inland empire.

Roseville: Sunrise Market, 1950 Douglas Blvd. Roseville, CA 95603. phone: 916-789-8591. website: Carries raw milk and raw milk products.

Sacramento: Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op, 1900 Alhambra Boulevard, Sacramento CA 95816; phone: 916-455-2667; web: Organic Pastures and Clarevale raw milk.

Salinas: Star Market, 1275 S. Main St., Salinas, CA 93901. phone: 831-422-3651, email:, web:, Facebook: starmkt. Raw cow’s milk from Organic Pastures, Claraville, and Schoch Family Farm, $18-$20/gal. Raw cream from Organic Pastures and Claraville, $9/pint. Raw cheeses from Schoch Family Farm and other artisans, $12-$20/lb. Store Hours: Monday-Saturday 8:30am-8:30pm, Sunday 9:00am-8:00pm.

San Bernardino/Riverside County: Co-op, Carries Organic Pastures Raw dairy products.

San Diego:

  • Jimbo’s Natural Foods/4S Ranch Stores carries raw milk, raw butter, and raw colostrum from Organic Pastures.
  • Lindy Haven Goat Farm, Linda J. Pannill-Smith, phone: 760-788-1172; email: Raw goat milk for pet consumption. Goatshares. Goat milk fudge, kefir, fresh Chevre cheese for pets. Goat kids for sale Nubian, Mini Nubian, Mini Toggenburg, Nigerian Dwarf, Boer-crosses, NuMancha, and Nigora. NOTE FROM THE FARMER: She has been experiencing some health issues and is interested in offering a barter deal: “If someone can do the milking, plus help clean the milking equipment (she has a milking machine ) they can have half the milk harvest. Need maybe 2 – 5 people or more. Just enough so at least one person can milk once a day, everyday. If you milk whole herd, we should get at least six or more gallons a day. The person needs to bring their own containers and an ice-filled cooler for their half of the milk.”
  • Old Wagon Dairy, Mike McCright; phone: 760-749-3538; email: A cooperatively owned raw goat dairy providing fresh milk, yogurt, kefir, cheeses, colostrum and occasionally cream to its members.
  • Selling raw goat milk for pet and craft purposes. Pick up in Bonsall, Escondido or Old Town San Diego. Milk from mainly Nigerian Dwarf goats. Hand-milked, strained and refrigerated. Goat milk soaps are also available. email: Or text: 858-722-4181. Please no phone calls unless you are an established customer.

San Dimas: Vitamin City Health Food, 642 West Arrow Highway, San Dimas CA 91773; phone: 909-592-5131. Organic Pastures whole milk, cream, colostrum, butter, and kefir.

San Francisco:

  • The Good Life Grocery carries Claravale raw milk at both locations: 1524 20th St San Francisco CA 94107; phone: 415-282-9204; and Bernal Heights, 448 Cortland Ave, San Francisco CA 94110; phone: 415-648.3221.
  • Little Vine, 1541 Grant Avenue, San Francisco CA 94133; phone: 415-738-2221; email:; web: Claravale raw milk products as well as many raw cheeses from Sierra Nevada, Bellwether Farm, and Meadow Creek Farm. All cow milk so far, but looking to expand.
  • Other Avenues Co-op, 3930 Judah Street, San Francisco CA 94122; phone: 415-661-7475. Open 9am-9pm every day except holidays.
  • Rainbow Groceries, 1745 Folsom Street, San Francisco CA 94103; phone: 415-863-0620; email: Open weekdays 9am-9pm.

San Francisco Bay Area:

  • Evergreen Acres Goat Dairy is an organic farm land. a pasture raise goat herd located in the hills east of Hollister. You can find their products in six farmers markets in LA at Mar Vista, Torrance, Laguna Niguel, Laguna Beach and Palos Verdes and two in the Bay Area at Los Gatos, San Mateo. Stores carrying their milk are Three Stone Hearth, Berkeley Bowl and El Cerrito Natural Grocery and Berkeley Natural Grocery in the Oakland Area, the Milk Pail, Bianchini, and New Seasons in the South Bay and New Leaf in Half Moon Bay, Felton, West Santa Cruz and Capitola.
  • Real Food (Bay Area) CSA, web:; phone: 408-835-9353. A buying co-op that delivers Claravale raw cow and raw goat milk as well as Claravale cream and pastured, organic, soy-free eggs to over 35 neighborhood locations throughout the San Francisco Bay area every week.  They also deliver a wide variety of other WAPF-friendly products.
  •, a food delivery service in the San Francisco Bay Area, carries raw cow’s milk from Schoch Family Farmstead and Organic Pastures, and raw goat’s milk from Evergreen Acres.

San Jose:

  • New Leaf carries Organic Pastures raw milk.
  • Lunardi’s Markets carry Organic Pastures raw milk.
  • Sprouts Farmers Market has Organic Pastures raw milk and cream.

San Martin: San Martin Milk Company, Jeff Whalen, 1565 E. Middle Ave. San Martin, CA 95046. phone: 408-893-8441, email: Grade A Raw Milk Dairy.

Santa Ana: Mother’s Market, 151 E Memory Ln., Santa Ana CA 92705, phone: 714-542-6667, web: Carries Organic Pastures raw cow milk, cream, butter, and cheese, and Claravale Dairy raw cow and goat milk.

Santa Barbara:

  • Lazy Acres Market, 302 Meigs Rd., Santa Barbara CA 93109; phone: 805-564-4410; web: Raw milk products and large selection of natural/organic meat, produce, and other foods.
  • Lassen’s Natural Foods & Vitamins, 5154 Hollister Ave., Santa Barbara CA 93111; phone: 805-683-7696; web: Organic Pastures milk and cream.

Santa Cruz: New Leaf Community Market carries Claraville raw milk and Organic Pastures raw milk, raw butter and raw cheese.

Santa Monica:

  • Co-opportunity, 1525 Broadway, Santa Monica CA 90404, phone: 310-451-8902. Carries Claravale and Organic Pastures products.
  • Desert Farms, Walid Abdul-Wahab, Santa Monica, CA, 90403. phone: 310-430-2096, email:, Facebook: DesertFarms. Camels, pasture-raised, grass fed, no hormones, no antibiotics non homogenized, gluten free. Products: Raw camel milk 16 oz ($18), Raw Camel Milk Kefir 16 oz ($19). Any additional driving directions, farm store hours, call between 5am PST and 9am PST (everyday), Online orders only. Tours are not available at the moment, Products can be found Lassens Market in Los Feliz, Erewhon in Beverly Hills, Wholesome Choice in Orange County, and Natural Frontier Market in New York. Delieveries made to all states and Canada. Delivery dates are Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, delivered by Fedex – express, 2 day or overnight option are available.

Santa Rosa:  Olivers Market carries Claravale raw milk at both locations. 1) 560 Montecito Center, Santa Rosa, CA 95409, phone: 707-537-7123. Open Monday to Sunday: 7 am to 10 pm. 2) 461 Stony Point Road, Santa Rosa CA 95406, phone: 707-284-3530. Open Monday to Sunday: 7 am to 10 pm.

Santee: Sprouts, 9361 Mission Gorge Rd., Santee CA 92071 (Mission Gorge Rd. near Carlton Hills Blvd), phone: 619-562-0145. Hours: Open daily 7am-10pm.Carries Organic Pastures raw milk. In the Santee Marketplace, next to Cox Solution Center near Fedex Kinko’s, Starbucks & US Bank. Across from Lowe’s.


  • Andy’s Market, 1691 Highway 116 North, Sebastopol CA 95472, Claravale raw milk.
  • Little Farm: email:, phone: 707-408-COWS (2697).
    An organic farm that milks four Jersey cows and a Guernsey. They also have eggs, pork, and beef.

Simi Valley: Lassen’s carries Claravale Dairy and Organic Pastures Dairy Company products.

Siskiyou County: Siskiyou Farm and Food Co-op, Bob and Dusty Copeland, 1912 Timmons Rd, Grenada CA 96038, phone: 530-598-2358, email:, Facebook: Small nonprofit food club owning or leasing A2A2 dairy cows plus one Saanan dairy goat. They milk no more than three dairy cows at a time. They follow the RAWMI protocols and use local organic foods. They have 40 acres planted in pasture. Cost to join is $40 to buy an undivided interest into the herd, annual dues are $50 per year. Subscription milk is $125 per one gallon of milk per week for 13 weeks; as available milk is $3/half gallon jar for subscribed herdshare members only. Cheesemaking classes and open farm tours once a session. They are a food club and members share or sell eggs, USDA meats, vegetables, etc. Delivered to local areas. Please call the farm M-F between the hours of 8am-4pm at 530-598-2358.

Sonoma: Sonoma Market, carries Organic Pastures products.

Sonora: Nature’s Whole Food Depot, 19073 Standard Rd., Sonora CA 95370; phone: 209-532-8878; email:; web: Organic Pastures raw milk, colostrum and other products.

South Pasadena: Grassroots Natural Market, 1119 Fair Oaks Avenue, South Pasadena CA 91030-3311; phone: 626-799-0156; web: Organic Pastures products.

South Lake Tahoe: Grass Roots Natural Foods, 2040 Dunlap Dr. South Lake Tahoe, CA  96150-6448, phone: 530-541-7788, Facebook:

Southern California: Gourmet on Wheels Inc., web: Artisanal cheeses, charcuterie and more from a mobile truck. All of their products come from grass-fed animals. Many of their cheeses are raw.

Stockton: Artesian Natural Foods, 145 Lincoln Center, Stockton CA 95207; phone: 209-952-8787. Raw milk, colostrum, and raw cream from Organic Pastures Dairy.


  • Fresh n’ Easy sells raw cheese
  • Sprouts (two locations) carries Organic Pastures raw milk
  • Organic Roots health food store (corner of Margarita and Winchester) sells raw cow milk.

Templeton: a little organic farm raises LaMancha goats for hobby milk, farmstead cheese and goat milk soap. See their website for more details about the farm and how they raise the goats:

Turlock: It’s Gluten Free, 2911 North Tegner Road, Turlock CA 95380; phone: 209-668-3005; web: Organic Pastures raw milk.


  • Sprouts, 14945 Holt Ave., Tustin CA 92780 (Newport Ave. & 1st St), phone: 714-415-4381, web: Sprouts Stores. Carries Organic Pastures raw milk.
  • Whole Foods carries Claravale Farm whole raw Jersey milk (they also carry the pasteurized and reduced/skimmed versions, so read the labels). No antibiotics or hormones used.

Vacaville: Nugget Markets, 130 Browns Valley Pkwy; phone: 707-469-6900; web: Carries Organic Pastures raw milk.

Ventura: Lassens 4071 E. Main. Carries raw milk products,

Vista: Frazier Farms Natural Grocery, 225 Vista Village Drive, Vista VA 92083, phone: 760-758-7175, web: Carries Organic Pastures raw milk.

Watsonville: Claravale Dairy; phone: 831-722-7779. Sells raw, Jersey milk in glass quart bottles in many stores throughout California.

Willits: Mariposa Market, 500 South Main St., Willits CA 95490, phone: 707-459-9630, web: Carries Organic Pastures raw milk.

Wilton: Our Ground Up Farm, Susan Muñoz, 12750 Leo Lane Wilton, CA 95693, phone: 916-425-9204, email:, Facebook: OurGroundUp. Herdshare: three A2/A2 Jersey cows, green pastures, alfalfa hay, fodder (sprouted barley), no GMOs. Herd ownership required. Fluid raw milk only. A Raw Milk Institute listed farm conducting bacterial milk testing monthly and adhering to a well developed processing plan to ensure sanitary conditions.

Yuba City: New Earth Market, 1475 Tharp Road, Yuba City CA 95993, phone: 530-673-9355, web: Hours Mon-Sat 8am-9pm, Sun 8am-8pm. Sells Organic Pastures raw milk.



207 thoughts on “California

  1. Thanks for this useful info. Ukiah Natural Foods Co-op also sells Organic Pastures milk and possibly other products. You can check with them at 707 462-4778. Keep up the good work!

    • Are there any Raw milk providers who raise purely grass fed cows, no grains or corn supplements? I have been searching and am amazed that Organic Pastures and Claravale Farms are the only ones I can find and both feed herbivorous cows grains and corn!

      • Now is the best time to frequent the fairs and watch for when the goat and cow people are milking- bring your own gallon jugs and ask for their milk,bring coolers with ice. tell them it is for pigs or your dogs. Otherwise, they will throw it down the drain! I am always shocked at dairy goat breeders with beautiful animals that never drink their own milk! When I was in nursing school I didn;t have time to devote to milking and breeding so my girls took a haitus from that until I was done. I went to the fair nd got my milk from the goat people and froze it.

      • You do know that corn is a grass? While I am sure we would all love to feed our cows a 100% grass fed herd, in the winter most places are unable to grow enough feed to sustain cows.

      • go to claravales website and re-read the section where it explains the diet that they feed their animals. No corn or grain… Dont know where you got that information from.

      • The following is what I read on Organic Pastures websited”we estimate that our cows are getting about 80% pasture feed (grazed, not supplemental fed), 15 % alfalfa and other hay varieties, and 5% rolled corn (this supplemental feed is offered to all milking cows as free choice). The cows will naturally eat any additional feed that their bodies are demanding to maintain healthy body conditions. If the cow is not given enough natural feed, her body condition will become less optimal, her coat will become dull and “shaggy”, and she will become prone to illness and possibility to infection. Everything we feed our cows is always certified organic, whether we grow it on our own farm or buy it from other local farmers.”
        So, I’m not sure what you are referring to.

      • Bless your dear heart for ponying that out!!! I just wrote Claravale to let them know the same thing. I feel cheated. Doesn’t even tell you if it’s GMO corn n grains!:( How sad. So there’s NOTHING. [Redacted] lets you milk a cow to get your own milk. They didn’t answer me when I asked if their milk cows are grass fed. Their meat is from grassfed cows. How unfair. Godspeed

      • Yes we do! We have only Jersey Cows and we do no grains except 2 cups of barley while they are being milk. We are in Fresno area.

  2. There is also a Lassen’s in Thousand Oaks and I believe Simi Valley. I can verify the Thousand Oaks one carries Organic Pastures – the Simi one probably does as well.

  3. Sprouts in Orange, CA carries Organic Pastures and Mother’s market in Santa Ana, CA carries both Organic Pastures and Claravale Dairy.

  4. Santa Rosa CA:
    Olivers Market (2 Locations) carries Claravale Raw Milk

    Open Monday to Sunday: 7 am to 10 pm
    560 Montecito Center
    Santa Rosa, CA 95409
    (707) 537-7123

    Open Monday to Sunday: 7 am to 10 pm
    461 Stony Point Road
    Santa Rosa, CA 95406
    (707) 284-3530

    Cotati CA:
    Open Monday to Sunday: 7 am to 11 pm
    Olivers Market carries Claravale Raw Milk
    546 E Cotati Ave
    Cotati, CA 94931
    (707) 795-9501

    Sebastopol CA:

    Andy’s Market carries Claravale Raw Milk
    1691 Highway 116 North
    Sebastopol, California 95472

      • Sprouts in Alhambra on Main St. carries both Organic Pastures milk, cream and butter and Claravale milk. I’m looking for a local co-op that sells raw dairy from another local farm however. Organic pastures has become outrageously expensive. $15 for a pound of raw butter and $12 for a pint of raw cream is unacceptable. Nutrient rich food should be a right, not a privilege that can only be afforded by the upper classes.

    • Lassen’s at Bouquet Canyon and Seco Canyon carries Claravale and Organic Pastures, and rumor has it that Sprouts in Valencia does as well.

  5. Do you know if the Henry’s in Temecula carries raw milk? I will try to get down there soon and let you know if you don’t.

      • I called them today because I was looking for the same thing and they said they do carry it. They quoted me a price of $5.99 per gallon.

        • I recently joined a co-op in Modesto for raw milk. He just started (3 months ago I think) and I noticed a new Facebook page a website. It’s $25 to join and then $3 gallon after that. Bring your own container or pay $0.50 for a normal plastic milk jug. Hope it helps.
          The farm is called [redacted].

          • Thanks for your interest in raw milk and desire to help others. We only want to list farms and sources who’ve agreed to be listed. Feel free to tell this source about this site and have them use the link to Add, Update, or Delete a Listing (top of page) and I’ll be glad to put them up.

  6. I just called my local sprouts (on Laguna Blvd in Elk Grove, CA) and they said they also carry the raw and organic dairy products 🙂

  7. I bought Organic Pastures at the Sprouts in Santa Clarita or maybe it was in Valencia. But bought it a few days ago. Made it into great Kefir too!

    • Did you ever find a good spot to buy raw milk? There’s a health food store here that carries it but it’s so pricey and you don’t get very much for it. I’d love to be able to buy a gallon of it at a time.

  8. Nothing in the Bay Area, other than San Francisco? Nothing in the East Bay? I’m surprised, but I guess it depends on the local laws?

  9. Thank you for the useful information. I seem to be suffering from irritable bowel syndrom and I know it is from the milk. All the crap they add to the cow these days! I actually went Vegan for a short time in my 20’s due to the horrific conditions the animals endure on farms. I am looking forward to being returned to good health with out having to drink soy milk. Thanks again. It is refreshing to see such an organization standing up for our god given right to eat and be healthy.

    • You might like to read “The Vegetarian Myth.” I know it made me understand how to support the animals, the farmers and my family better. If you do not do well with raw milk at first, try raw milk kefir or clabbered milk, or yoghurt.

  10. Henry’s (now owned by Sprouts) in Temecula, CA carries Organic Pastures raw milk, although its so pricey! Is everyone paying @ $9 for a half gallon?

    I recently found raw cheese at the Temecula Fresh n Easy, of all places!

  11. Are there any co-ops or local sources of the milk that don’t come out to over $20/gallon? Right now a friend is ordering milk from an Amish farm in Pennsylvania which is $7/gallon + 5 shipping, so is $12/gallon. That is still steep and I’d like to buy local…

    • I just wonder if you buy coffee at restaurants or places like starbucks? Figure out the cost per gallon of that…. My point is this is expensive, and it actually promotes health, and the farmer deserves to make a living. All pasteurized milk is subsidized by government. No raw milk is. They do deserve a living wage. Most raw milk dairies are on the edge of not having any profit at all…. sorry, just my 2 cents worth.

      • There are many many people, like myself, who don’t go to Starbucks or restaurants. Who spend the bulk of their income on healthy food. When you’re poor it would be a reasonable hope to find an less expensive source. I would rather buy direct from a farmer at a higher rate then they sell to the stores for and avoid grocery store mark ups. That’s actually of benefit to me and the farmer. I’m sure nobody feels like farmers don’t deserve a living wage just because they can’t afford the price of raw milk.

  12. Thanks for all the listing it is very helpful.
    Request some help to understand whether boiling raw milk is equivalent to pasteurized milk? Boiling still keeps the butter fat right, so is it Ok to boil? Does boiling remove the good enzymes and bacteria? is boiling raw milk better than pasteurized milk?

    • My guess is boiling raw milk is better than pasteurized, altho that is still pasteurizing it. Why do you want to boil it? I make my boys “hot” chocolate, by warming it only so warm. I stick my finger into the milk as it is warming and don’t let it get so hot i cannot comfortably do so. If i cook with it in soups and such, i put it in last, just before serving.

  13. There is an organic store in Yuba City CA called New Earth that sells organic grass fed free range cow milk.

  14. Mother’s Market in Brea sells Claravale raw goat and jersey dairy milk and Organic Pastures raw milk, kefir, cream, and butter.

  15. Started shopping at this farmer’s market and they carry Claravale raw milk and raw goat’s milk.

    Diamond Fresh Farmer’s Market
    21168 Golden Springs Dr
    Diamond Bar, CA 91765

  16. On my first visit to this website, I found a delivery of raw milk and cheese to Tracy, CA. But try as I might now, I cannot find it. Any help to find my way back there would be much appreciated!

    • Artesian Health Food Store on Grantline Road in Tracy sells the Organic Pastures Raw Milk, Cream, cheese, butter, Kefir, etc. BUT you must place an order with them and prepay for pick-up on Tuesday’s which is when Organic Pastures delivers to them. They do stock the butter, cheese and sometimes the pasture raised ground beef when it is available. But for the raw milk or cream or kefir (when available) it must be pre-ordered. I am going to let them know that they are not listed in the list above for Tracy, only their Stockton store. Hopefully they will contact webmaster with all their info.

  17. It looks like both brands of raw dairy have been fed corn. Are there any organic, raw dairy products without the cow having been fed corn/gluten? I did get some grass fed raw cheese through, but they don’t have milk. I would love to get some milk/yogurt/cottage cheese or even just milk and learn how to make my own other raw dairy products? Thank you.

  18. Thankyou for this great information, I am new to this. My ten year old son was just diagnosed with epilepsy, and I have been looking for ways to support his immune system and keep him off medications if possible. Although I’ve never tried raw milk products before, because I was under the false belief that they weren’t very safe, I have seen them many times at Whole Foods. Is there a reason Whole Foods isn’t mentioned on this list?

    • Melissa, Whole Foods no longer stocks raw milk, however many health food stores in California will have it in their dairy case!

      • Whole Foods used to carry it. I still talk with customers who believe they carry it! When i ask them to point it out they show me Strauss, which is organic, mostly, if not all, grass fed, and cream top. But it is NOT Raw. Lunardi’s and Sprouts both carry Organic Pastures (be sure to get it home and transfer it to glass for storage). You can get Claravale delivered to a porch near you from Be sure to read at least one book on raw milk: The Untold Story of Milk, by Ron Schmid, or The Devil in the Milk, by Keith Woodford and Thomas Cowan. There is so much misinformation out there, the only way to get it out of your head is real information.

  19. Both Mollie Stone’s and Piazzas in Palo Alto carry Organic Pastures raw milk and cream; Piazzas carries OP raw butter and cheese as well.

  20. Sprout’s Santee CA 92071 carries Organic Pastures raw milk. I couldn’t find any raw cheese or butter though. We drank the milk today and I was requested “MORE PLEASE,” which never happens! It tastes great! Off to look at the other websites offered by to see about getting those other raw products we need to make my boy healthy!!! THANK YOU for providing this website! What a blessing!

  21. In California we do have Claravale and Organic Pastures. In Silicon Valley you can find one of those at Sprouts Market, at Lunardi’s Market, at Country Sun Market in Palo Alto, at the Campbell Farmers Market, and maybe also at the Sunnyvale Farmers Market, or from

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  23. We tried so hard to convince the Humboldt County Board of. supervisors to change the local county ordinance against raw milk sales. Guess who fought against us and all the moms?….it was Humboldt Creamery producers and the FDA loving Health Department staff… CA state law assures all citizens of legal access to raw milk. Humboldt did not and will not follow state law , they default to the FDA hatred of raw milk. We gave it our best shot. We will try as a vote of the people next to time the BOS are bought off. Their own Ag advisor will help you grow POT… But raw milk is illegal. Can not make this stuff up!!!

  24. Nature’s Market in Santa Monica, CA, seems to be closed, or at least I couldn’t find it. There is a vegan market now. The one that carries raw milk in Santa Monica is [redacted].

    • Thanks for the information. We have taken them down. Regarding the other location you suggested, please encourage them to contact us and be listed here. We only list vendors/farms, or mention them in comments, if they’ve agreed to be listed here. Too often this site is used by gov’t agencies to find and harass farmers! Thanks for understanding.

    • Thanks for your comment. Please encourage the first location you mentioned to contact us and be listed here. (Lassen’s is also listed under the statewide section) We only list vendors/farms, or mention them in comments, if they’ve agreed to be listed here. Too often this site is used by gov’t agencies to find and harass farmers! Thanks for understanding.

    • Thanks for your suggestion. Please encourage them to contact us and be listed here. We only list vendors, or mention them in comments, if they’ve agreed to be listed here. Too often this site is used by gov’t agencies to find and harass farmers! Thanks for understanding.

  25. Dino’s Market in Loch Lomond (a few miles north of Cobb) on Rte 175 sells Organic Pastures milk, cream, butter and Landmark raw goat cheese.

  26. Thank you so much for standing for raw milk. It is egregious that law makers can restrict our food choices so much. I have lactose intolerance and didn’t even know it. I thought being bloated and uncomfortable was just the way life was. When I discovered raw milk, I was transformed! Then those who know what’s best for me — NOT — decided I should not have this miracle food anymore. And then Whole Foods caved to the pressure…Now I found a Sprouts near me that carries it. Thank God.

  27. Clark’s Nutritian in Rancho Mirage carries Organic Pastures raw milk, cream, butter and kefir. The cream is so good that I drink it right out of the container.

  28. Placerville, CA: Noah’s Ark Natural Foods has turned Co-op!
    The name is now Placerville Natural Foods Co-op
    same address and phone number.

    Thanks for your website, found you through Dr. Mercola’s eNewsletter.

  29. Hey all! I am so ready to try raw fresh milk!
    We live about 10 minutes away from Sprouts located in Granada Hills, CA. I may call there tomorrow to find out if they also carry raw milk, or go there myself and check it out.
    If anyone who lives in the San Fernando Valley know where else I can find raw milk at, please let me know! I will also check the Whole Foods stores in my area to see if they have raw milk. From what I know, and have seen, the Whole Foods in Tarzana, CA carries raw whole milk cheese. I will have to find out exactly what company the raw cheese is from and I can report back to you all.

    This is great! Thank you so much for the list! I am excited! 🙂

  30. We are a health food store located in Tracy. We sell Organic Pasture’s Raw Milk.
    You can confirm with them. Our location is 2251 W Grant Line Rd. Tracy CA 95377
    209-836-0190. Please add us to the list.
    Thank You,
    Chris Parrish (owner)

  31. 2 Additional sources in Los Angeles that sell both Claravale and
    Organic Pastures products:

    1525 Broadway, Santa Monica, CA 90404
    (310) 451-8902

    Rainbow Acres
    13208 W Washington Blvd, Culver City, CA 90066
    (310) 823-8381


  32. Sprouts Laguna Niguel carries Organic Pastures products. Whole Foods carries a non homogenized but pasteurized brand. I would like to see OP in glass.

  33. You can get Organic Pastures Raw Milk in Visalia, CA every Saturday morning at the Farmer’s Market at Mooney and Cauldwell.

  34. Do you know of any place in Siskiyou County that sells these raw milk, cheese, etc. and or grass fed animals? Thank you for any information.

    • Siskiyou Farms is a farm share that has raw milk for very reasonable prices in Grenada, near Yreka. Kid Creek also has raw milk (Mt. Shasta) but is about 2xs the price. I’ll provide their emails below & they’re listed in the CA list. They both offer benefits for referring people, so reply here if you’ve signed up with either one. They both have great milk!

      Kid Creek:,

  35. There’s a Nugget Market in West Sacramento that isn’t in your list. Wouldn’t the whole chain carry Organic Pastures or just select stores?

    • It will probably make more sense soon to just list the various chains in CA that sell raw milk in all or most of their stores vs. listing them individually in every location. This list has been built by people telling us when they find a source of raw milk. So it’s been built by people like you telling us “the Nugget Market in West Sacramento carries Organic Pastures and Claravale products” (if that’s true). I would say in a state like California that has raw for retail, it is indeed likely that all outlets of a particular chain carry raw milk.

  36. Sprouts in Dublin carries Organic Pastures raw milk. They don’t carry the raw cream or raw butter anymore but will order it for you. They also carry raw cheeses (mozzarella, cheddar, Swiss and Jack).

  37. Not sure if someone already said this cuz I didn’t read every comment but the Nugget Market in Elk Grove, CA carries a few different raw milks and a lot of other stuff too like cheeses and what not

  38. Does anyone know if the Whole Foods in Pasadena carries raw milk? We get it cheap in rural Massachusetts but need a source while visiting family near L.A.

  39. In Marin County:
    In addition to Good Earth in Fairfax there’s also Andronico’s Market in San Anselmo and Mollie Stones (in both Sausalito and Greenbrae). They carry Claravale and OP.

  40. Nugget Market in Elk Grove, CA (Sacramento County) is where I buy Organic Pastures milk, cream, and sometimes butter… they probably have other raw products as well.

  41. we got organic pasture raw milk from Sprouts. My son-4 yr old and I have nose bleeding, running nose for 1 day. It happened 2 times in the past. We tried because I heard a lot of benefits of raw milk. but it doesn’t work for us. Maybe because cows are corn and grain fed.

    • Hi, I was wondering if you are saying that raw milk GAVE you and your son nose bleeds, or failed to stop your nose bleeds?

      Most people do okay with raw milk from cows that get some corn/grain, while others are especially sensitive and have to look for 100% grass fed. A small amount of non-GMO grain at milking (preferably soaked!) is acceptable to help dairy cows maintain their weight and support milk production; otherwise the cows become quite thin and milk production decreases. Thus, 100% grass-fed milk is typically more expensive.

      Thanks for writing.

    • Just wanted to say that i used to have blood in my snot (sorry) every time i blew my nose, for decades. I remember complaining to my doctor about it in my teens and he said its nothing. Then i recently eliminated grains and legumes and viola it disappeared.
      Not the same as an actively bleeding nose but the source could be from your intestines or gut lining or whatever you’re eating or not eating.

  42. Is there a co-op or some way to get raw milk directly form a farm in or around Temecula? I have peen part of one here in VA but I am moving to Temecula (so excited that raw milk is more available there!) soon and need some help.
    Thank you so much!

  43. We live in antelope valley ( palmdale & lancaster areas ) any idea if we can get unpasteurized milk here or some farms we can check

  44. Hi, I am looking for RAW, ALL NATURAL (the real stuff) goat’s milk in Orange County. Anyone know where I can get it?

    Thank you!

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  46. I noticed that the top 30% of the state of California was not included. Is this due to lower populations North of Sacramento?

  47. I just moved to California and have found only Organic Pastures and Claravale as the choices for Raw Milk in the stores. The milk seems different then the raw milk I was getting back East; For one, there is no cream on the top of the containers and two, the milk seems more watery here. I read that although raw they are seperating the milk here.
    Are there local farms to purchase direct from – Living in Sacramento?

  48. Just a thanks to for putting this together, it’s really great. I’ll be visiting Arcata next week and raw milk is my main food, I drink about 1 1/2 quarts a day. It looks like Willits is the northernmost place to buy it, so I’ll go up 101 and stock up on the way.

    My take on a small amount of corn in the cow’s feed is that the cow detoxifies it pretty well, milk is still the most nutritious food available. And the farmers have to ensure their herd stays healthy.

    I came up with a theory that is ponderable; it was the boost in nutrition from regular milk consumption when humans settled down some 9,000 years ago that gave rise to written language, arithmetic, and all the advances in our abilities since. Milking a wild yak has always been hard, LOL.

  49. Has anyone tried raw milk after being sensitive and dairy free for most of the or lives? I get congestion and cold symptoms with too much dairy.
    Thank you, just curious if we should try it!

    • Hi Amber

      Different brands of milk, even raw milk, can make a big difference. If you have only tried commercial milk you might be able to tolerate raw milk easily. Any reduced fat milk in the US has to have added vitamins A and D, the vitamins can have allergens and contaminants.

      Many people who have tried to follow the advice of Dr. Ray Peat, who thinks dairy is very good source of nutrition, have been able to use milk by going slow and adjusting to it.

      His article on milk is at

      • to answer your question, yes. I started drinking raw milk after being dairy free due to severe sensitivity to the grocery store’s type milk and all dairy types.
        I am doing great I can drink the raw milk which i pickup from the farmer my self at ease. Planning to make ice cream, bake goods, make butter, desserts….etc. life is good.

  50. Up until a few years ago I could get it at the Thousand Oaks Whole Foods. Then one day they put up a sign saying they’d no longer carry it because of State law. Now via this site I find out “law” has little to do with it. I looked at the new Whole Foods in Oxnard and they don’t have it either. I will look at Lassens and Sprouts. I wish Trader Joes would get it. Thanks for posting, everyone 🙂

  51. I have been a member of Ocean Beach Peoples Food Co-op in San Diego for 30+ years. I am surprised to not find them listed here as a source for raw milk, yogurt and kefir, both cow and goat. This co-op has been in existence far longer than Jimbos and Sprouts and sells primarily organic non animal ( the exceptions being eggs and dairy) products. I strongly suggest that the list be updated to include them.

  52. I Live In The Antelope Valley (Palmdale & Lancaster Area) In Southern California … I Live In Lancaster Specifically … There Was NO Listing For Our Area … Does Anyone Know If There Is Anything “Close” To Us That Sells Non-GMO Fed Cows Milk, Or Non-GMO Fed Goats Milk … Or The Yogurts & Cheeses From These Same Sources??? Please Reply ………. Thank You, 🙂

    • In Lancaster, ‘The Whole Wheatery’ sells Claravalle Raw milk and Raw Goats Milk as well. You can also get it for pick up from Abundant Harvest Organics CSA, has many drop off’s in the Antelope Valley as well as other areas in Southern CA.

  53. I Live In The Antelope Valley (Palmdale & Lancaster Area) In Southern California … I Live In Lancaster Specifically … There Was NO Listing For Our Area … Does Anyone Know If There Is Anything “Close” To Us That Sells Non-GMO Fed Cows Milk, Or Non-GMO Fed Goats Milk … Or The Yogurts & Cheeses From These Same Sources??? Please Reply ………. Thank You, Glyndine 🙂

    • On the other hand…..It is worth noting that we are the only animals that drink the milk of a different animal on a routine basis.;-o….. just sayin.

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  55. I am amazed that I still have not found a source for raw milk in the agricultural wealthy healthy living county of Napa. I really wish that Whole Foods still carried it.

  56. I’m looking for a place to get raw milk in Humboldt county. I have read that it’s not available. Can anyone help me find a farmer that will provide it? Thanks!!

  57. To save time and find raw organic pastured dairy products in CA just use the ZIP code locator found at the Organic Pastures website. there are about 680 stores in CA that carry OPDC organic raw milk and other products. Now…all products are tested for pathogens prior to release from dairy. With new rapid test technologies and use of the milk filters…food safety has never been more certain. It only takes 12 hours and every batch is tested. OPDC is also RAWMI Listed.

    All OPDC products now have the “Test & Hold” green check mark logo on their labels.

  58. Our OPDC delivery truck drives through Humboldt County while enroute to Del Norte County where raw milk is legal. I guess you could flag the truck down and beg the driver for product,

  59. Old MacDonald’s Farmers Market at 1069 Saratoga Ave., San Jose, CA (open daily) carries Claravale raw cow milk and raw goat milk, and Evergreen Acres Guernsey Goats raw goat milk. The Evergreen Acres goat milk does not taste “goaty”.

  60. I call davis organic farm paso robles.It is wrong number.Anyone know where to buy raw milk in or near Paso robles and how much per gallon

  61. Hollister, CA – Raw cow milk, ocassionally raw goat milk and raw cream at Bertuccio’s Market. Raw cheese from Organic Valley at Nob Hill.

  62. Ralph’s in Huntington Beach? Yes, Organic Pastures brand (non-homogenized, raw, $9/half gallon, only slightly more for a gallon).
    But two Ralph’s stores just a few miles away on 17th Street in Newport Beach / Costa Mesa didn’t even know what I was talking about. Fortunately, the Mother’s Market on Newport Blvd at 19th Street had plenty.
    The lesson I learned about Ralph’s is to call first.

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  64. Hello,

    I am looking for Cow or buffalo raw milk (preferably grass fed with NO hormone induced please) and seek a farmer / breeder near to Mountain view California. Please kindly share me a contact address / phone i could reach out to.


    • Listings come from people like you! I’m one person in Virginia. If you’d like to canvas the health food stores in Oakland to see which sell raw milk and send me a list (see “How to Add, Update, or Remove a Listing” at the top of the page), that would be great.

  65. Valley Milk Simply Bottled is a co-op on Maze Blvd or Highway 132 in Modesto CA. Working on free range eggs and smoked meats coming soon to the co-op!

  66. I’m looking for raw jersey or Guernsey milk in Orange County ca will travel to San Diego inland empire or Los Angeles please let me know where thanks

  67. Hi there, is a food delivery service I use and they service the San Francisco Bay Area. They carry raw cow milk from Schoch Family Farmstead, Organic Pastures and raw goat milk from Evergreen Acres.

  68. I am looking for a place that sells raw organic grass fed butter in victorville area or Hesperia, apple valley

  69. I don’t understand why the op whole raw milk in California taste so watery. I’ve that other states have creamier milk.

  70. Health Unlimited in Castro Valley, CA on Castro Valley Blvd. it’s behind Safeway in the same parking lot with Ross and Walgreen’s, it is next to Don Jose’s restaurant. They carry Organic Pastures half gallon for $8.35 and gallons for $15.

  71. where are the small farms to where a person can go buy direct? Especially in Northern California in 30 mile radius of Sacramento. Are Californians so sue Happy that farmers are afraid to allow people go straight to farm? In my state we sign a contract before buying raw milk. We also only pay 5 dollars.

  72. NOV 2016 – Does anyone know where I can buy BUFFALO MILK in Southern California (Los Angeles)? Fresh or Frozen. I’m a consumer btw so I’m not looking to buy large quantities at once. Thank you!!

    PS Erewhon on Beverly Blvd sells raw milk, both cow and goat usually. Also they have frozen Camel milk.

  73. We used to live by a Sprouts but moved to the Imperial Valley in Ca. and can’t find a place that sells raw milk. We miss our access to it.

  74. You would be happy to hear that a canvassing of stores showed that OPDC organic certified raw milk was about half the price of non pastured conventional raw milk produced by Claravale. Prices at Sprouts was OPDC at $16 per gallon and Claravale at $9 per quart. That’s $36 per gallon for Clarvale. OPDC is pasture fed all year long and no GMO per organic regs. Check earth google to see if other producers of raw milk pasture or grass feed. OPDC is the only raw milk brand on the shelf that grass and pasture feeds. The pictures are clear. OPDC invites consumers to visit or call anytime. Open door and free tours all the time. OPDC is the only raw milk in the world that tests every days milk as a separate batch to confirm bacteria counts and zero ecoli pathogens Prior to sale or releae! This is a huge investment.

    We try really hard to earn your trust . Come see us to really get the whole story. We also offer free educational outreach presentations. You bring your friends and we will bring the free raw milk and the information. All Sprouts stores in CA carry the full line of OPDC organic dairy products.

    By the way,….OPDC is actively involved in the Humboldt Raw Milk Revolt. There should be another BOS vote this fall. Our truck drives right by the natural food store in Humboldt evey week. But it can not stop!!! It is an outrage! It is important to understand that there is a lot of missinformation floating around on the Internet about raw milk. Please do your separate homework. Visiting the farmer and seeing for yourself is the best method to get the story right.

    We do not ever want to put another brand down in order to somehow look better. But it is hard to stand by and let others spread incorrect information.

    All the best OPDC.
    Mark Mcafee

  75. I could not drink milk or anything that had dairy or was cooked with dairy for about 23 years of my life. That is almost half of my life. when I have it I get violently sick. Before that, I had no problem. A few month ago I was passing by the farm lands in Modesto CA. Saw an old worn down sign which said “We Simply Bottle The Valley’s Milk”. After a few miles I made a u-turn and purchased a gallon. While driving, sipping it a little at a time and waiting. In a few hours I was down to1/2 gallon and feeling great. I been making trips to them and drinking their milk ever since.

  76. I need to tell people about a barter if they want lots of milk. I have been dealing with some health issues. I posted a barter deal on the Raw Milk yahoo group, I’d like to post that deal here. My farm is Lindy Haven Farm in Ramona, CA. It is also listed under San Diego.

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