Our trifold brochures (one 8.5"x11" sheet printed front and back and folded in thirds) are a great way to spread the word about Real Milk. You are welcome to copy and distribute these, preferably in color. You may also order folded, color copies on nice paper for 25 cents each (only 15 cents each if you order 100 or more!) from the Weston A. Price Foundation. Go to westonaprice.org and click "Order Materials" in the side menu.

June 13, 2023

Dairy Herdshare Programs Brochure

This is the text of our Dairy Herd-share Trifold Brochure (PDF). Dairy Herd-Share Programs and the Economics of Raw Milk Gain Access to Unprocessed Milk from […]
June 13, 2023

Raw Milk Formula Brochure

This is the text of our formula brochure (PDF) After Raw Breast Milk, What’s Best? Homemade Raw Milk Formula for Babies; and Raw Milk for Toddlers […]
June 13, 2023

A Campaign for Real Milk Brochure

This is the text of our Real Milk Trifold Brochure (PDF). Read this page in French, German, Polish, Spanish (the translations may be for earlier versions […]