This section contains educational materials on raw milk safety, science, and nutrition and serves as a repository of resources for farmers, consumers, and policymakers. Check out our PowerPoint presentations, videos, and podcasts, and feel free to use them in presentations to friends and colleagues interested in raw milk.

Featured Resource

A Campaign for Real Milk PowerPoint. Sally Fallon Morell's presentation that explains many aspects of the raw milk movement--now updated for 2024!




Featured Resource: Caring for Fresh Milk: Consumers’ Guide to Preserving the Quality of Fresh, Unprocessed Whole Milk by Peggy Beals, RN – . This 32-page booklet covers the procurement, handling, transportation, storage, and more of this precious, tasty healthy food resource. $6.00 Fifth Edition, 8 ½ x 5 ½ [PDF details]. Bulk rates available, contact Click here to order.