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The Weston A. Price Foundation has put together a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation that explains many aspects of the raw milk movement.

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Portuguese Translation of the Real Milk PowerPoint (PDF)


44 thoughts on “A Campaign for Real Milk PowerPoint Presentation

  1. I have been a fan of raw milk ever since my cousin soaked me down with milk while showing me how to milk a cow. She said she was trying to give the cats a drink and missed. That was a few years ago.
    Today the healthy KETO diet is helping a lot of people back to health and lose weight. I am blessed that there is ” https://www.jerseybellfarm.com/” a few miles down the road. Because of the live culture and high-fat content, it seems like good raw A2 milk would be beneficial to the KETO diet I have been on since Christmas? I wondered about the sugar content if that would affect KETO but I am still losing weight and feeling good. Nothing to really report. Just reaching out to see if other people had similar results (losing weight and feeling good.) with Keto and raw milk.

  2. Can anyone kindly answer these questions for me, please? Or direct me to studies? Thank you in advance.

    • Does the immediate flash chilling of raw milk kill off the probiotic bacteria?

    • Does freezing raw milk kill off the probiotic bacteria?

    • Sally Fallon Morell responds: I dont’ know about flash chilling but freezing is fine–the milk stays intact. A lot of people do this if they have to drive a long way to get raw milk. They freeze some of it so it will last. Let it thaw slowly, in the back of the fridge and then whisk it with a whisk to work the cream back in.

  3. I am writing to inquire about the sources that are referenced both throughout the site as well as on the “A campaign for real milk” powerpoint. The most recent article sited was published in 2009 with the majority are 20+ years old dating back as far as 1928.

    Will you be updating your site with more current information in the near future? This is especially important as the dairy industry is always rapidly changing in both technology and accurate information that is available.

    As a note on the info included about confinement dairies in your powerpoint, there are some points that should be corrected. The vast majority of cows in 21st century “confinement dairies” are not confined to a stall all day long as you have stated. They roam freely about the facility to eat, sleep, and interact with their peers as they choose 🙂 The pictures provided are unfortunately quite outdated and don’t necessarily represent what a “typical dairy farm” in the US looks like anymore.

    The average dairy herd size in the US as of 2018 is up to 234 cows with some in the tens of thousands, so it is also quite inaccurate to compare the costs/profits of a 30 cow confinement dairy to any other type of dairy.

    Everyone can feel free to eat, drink, and sell what they wish (within legal limits…), but we all should have the correct, evidence-based facts to in order to form our opinions! Thank you very much.

  4. I have been drinking Raw milk for about 18 – 22 months regularly like 1/2 a QT a day. At times I get a persistent cough and the doctor said it was acid reflux…. I have never had it before and the only change in diet is less meat and Raw Milk…. Does any one have any ideas?

    • Symptoms of imbalance can rarely be pinpointed to one single cause. Your body is a large system with thousands of connections. That being said, natural milk does have a mucus producing effect in the body. Adding cardamom to your milk will help to tame this effect.

  5. I love raw whole milk, and need the benefits it provides.. My father-in-law near!y died of undulent fever in the 1950’s, so. my husband is afraid of it. Is their any news or update on this disease regarding the.safety of drinking raw whole milk?

      • Sally Fallon Morell we love you for all the hard work,dedication and honesty.I started drinking raw milk all the colon and Gut started healing in just days.
        GOD BLESS you and your Family.May you live longer.You are messenger of God.I am sleeping better and peacefully
        CJ(From India living in USA had gut issues for 2 years now curing my gut with Raw milk)

        • Nadiminti,
          I read your reply and was curious to know what kind of gut issues you had. We are recovering our son with autism and would love more details about your gut condition. So glad you are seeing healing through raw milk. Gut issues can be debilitating.

  6. I am starting on a low Carb diet. Raw milk yogurt is ok if the Carbohyrates are low enugh. Does anyone know how many Carb’s in Ray Milk yogurt in one cup?

  7. I live in Melbourne, Australia where raw milk can only be sold for milk baths, not
    Human consumption. The Westin website gas no contact for Victoria. Any ideas as to
    O how I may buy safe, raw milk in Melbourne please!

  8. Thank you for so many personal experiences about the benefits of drinking raw whole milk vs pasteurized. I have had asthma since I was a toddler and I am allergic to almost every kind of pollen out there! So I am trying it out. I hope to be able to give my testimonial in the future too! I really love the milk! I wish I had started years ago! Thanks to all!!

  9. I,am 71 years old , grew up in madison county north carolina started hand milking oure milkcow at a young age, i would bring the milk to the house, mama would strain the milk through a old cloth baby diaper and i would drink a warm glass of milk,wright then, cornbread and milk for supper every day. fed raw milk as a baby also..verry healthy(.max c. robinson)

  10. Diagnosed with severe osteoporosis two years ago after suffering several collapsed vertebrae. Repeat DEXA scan last week shows approx. 20% increase in spinal bone density. The specialist assured me that the machine had not made a mistake ! No medication, just return to ancestral diet as advocated by WAPF (raw milk and kefir daily – a liter or so ) for almost two years.

  11. Your liver produces cholesterol, which is a necessary nutrient and is used to build cell walls. A low-cholesterol diet has NOT been shown to lower blood cholesterol levels – and as noted on this website and many others, much of the best nutrition in real milk is lost when it is processed into lowfat milk. Drink up and enjoy!

  12. Many folks who fear consuming raw milk and raw milk products aren’t in any way fearful of consuming soda pop, fast food, and commercially prepared supermarket “food” that’s been processed to the point where there is very little nutritional value. At the grocery store, I see such folks pushing carts that are over-flowing with products I’m scared to eat and would never serve to friends or family members because I’ve always read the labels and I’ve done a lot of research. As a child, I consumed raw, unpasteurized non-homogenized milk, cream and butter, ate whole foods including all the stuff we’re led to believe these days is not “good for us” and I was always healthy. I’ve returned to those eating habits and, among other whole foods properly prepared… I consume raw, unpasteurized and non-homogenized milk/dairy products and home-made yoghurt, — YUM YUM! No high blood-pressure, no diabetes, no aches and pains… and I’m a VERY old woman.

  13. Mankind has been consuming raw, whole milk for millenia until a few decades ago. Granted, higiene always proved to be a problem so the milk often used to be boiled before consumption. But not withstanding, it has stood the test of time, whereas the more recent developments of milk processing is yet to be proven, and at the rate we’re going with all sorts of diseases, one can only wonder

  14. Is someone here aware of the parasite eggs that can be present in the milk? I want to drink it raw too, but the price of the possible infection is big enough to rethink. You should know that parasites always can’t be proved even by Labs, so you should live with then causing even cancer….. There is no way that the raw milk is 100% pure in matter of parasites.

    • I ran your question by Sally Fallon Morell, who said, “Is any food pure in the matter of parasites? At least raw milk contains anti-microbial components that can kill parasites. I have never heard of anyone getting parasites from raw milk. I would be much more concerned about drinking water. But if she is afraid, she should not drink raw milk.” Hope this helps.

    • With all due respect, you’re an idiot if you think processed milk is healthier than raw, fresh, organic product. Granted, we are NOT talking about commercial dairy farms, where animals are living knee-deep in their own filth! We’re talking about animals that are living healthy lives, in a clean environment, eating GOOD, and HEALTHY food, not processed garbage!!!
      We have been drinking raw milk from our own goats for YEARS, and my pediatrician told me my kids have the best bone density he has ever seen!
      My kids don’t get sick when everyone elses do. And if they DO get sick, they recover in a matter of HOURS (12-24) instead of days, or weeks!!! (Immune-booster properties in the milk!!!)

      If you are that scared of raw product, you should not drink anything raw! Apple-juice, orange juice, grape-juice, you name it. As a matter of fact, you should stop eating ANYTHING and EVERYTHING fresh! (fruit and veggies alike!) They might just KILL you.!!!

        • Like your reply,very true,I drank fresh milk when I was a child, my mother milked our cows, never got sick or any parasite, I was very healthy.

      • I have dairy goats and am super new to this all. We are about to start milking, and I’ve had some family freak me out about the dangers. So I’ve been researching both sides. To hear the stories of young children and some adults getting so sick, and even left handicapp after getting a bacterial infection like e coli from raw milk and such terrifies me. I’m trying to make an informed decision here. My goal with my farm was to produce my own meats, eggs, and dairy for my large family. I recognize many of the sites against raw milk, are fear mongering, and provided very little actual fact or study. But there is no denying that the potential risk of severe food infection is possible. I”m still nervous! I would only drink raw, if I can control the environment, but I am still concerned about illness and if this is a wise choice or not for my family. I’m almost ready to say no milk at all if the option is pasteurized as I don’t think that is healthier. I’m sitting in a confused neutral spot right now. I can see both sides….. bleh

  15. Muchas gracias por estos artículos tan interesantes.
    Me gustaría tener mas clara información de donde puedo comprar la Mantequilla de leche real.
    Muchas gracias: Ruth.

  16. gracias por la informacion,y quiero pedirles de la manera mas atenta si me pueden marcar algunos sitos donde encontrar la MANTEQUILLA de leche real ,AQUI EN MEXICO.CONCRETAMENTE EN LEON,GUANAJUATO GRACIAS,O los nombres de las marcas,gracias!!!!

    • hola, no creo que haya “marcas comerciales” en Mexico (en USA son pocas) que promuevan la leche no pasteruizada. te recomiendo que viajes a las afueras de tu ciudad… a las rancherias/ pueblos aledanos y compres directamente con ellos tu leche. Visita varias rancherias, ve su cuidado del animal, higiene etc. y seleciona uno (s) que sea(n) de tu agrado.

  17. I am interested & concerned of govt. minding the general mass ,under the guise / of Pharmacial-Food Manufactuers of the best, i.e. Whole raw milk did not kill our forefathers,northe culture following until present time.

    • you should or can drink whole milk even if it’s pasteurized because vit D is stable in heat so it isn’t really altered to any appreciable exstent calcium is the most abundant mineral in the human body think about it should we fore go something because it’s not in it’s perfect state then we wouldn’t injest much of anything in any of the 4 food groups drinking organic pastureized whole milk will still greatly benefit one’s body !!! the only vit that’s not stable in heat is vit C remember Ex 3:8 Isa 55:1

      • you are completely wrong, you cannot get the calcium from pasteurized milk, and you oversimplify the super food that milk is, there are enzymes and many other vital ingredients destroyed as well; people who know about raw milk and drink it would never drink the dead stuff under any circumstances as it is repulsive as eating garbage; and raw milk is crucial to establishing a healthy immune system and it is especially important to help restore health to vaccine damaged kids which includes anyone who has been injected with those cancerous weapons of mass destruction

    • Would you mind telling me how to make raw unheated butter? I love real butter. I just found a place recently to get raw cows milk and my wife and I love it. I would love to make unheated cheese too. Thanks for any recipes to making real butter and cheese and butter milk. God Bless.

      • For butter, you just pour raw cream into a food processor and blend until the cream suddenly breaks and you have a lump of butter swimming in buttermilk. Pour off the buttermilk (you can drink it or cook with it). Put the butter in a bowl and knead it with a rubber spatula to work out any remaining buttermilk, rinsing it several times until the water is clear. Press into a mold or just put it in a tupperware or covered dish.

        You can also just shake raw cream in a jar with a tight-fitting lid, but this takes longer and is rather tiring. Maybe fun to do once, taking turns, especially with children, just to see how long it takes.

        Maybe someone else can speak up about how to make raw milk cheese, but I imagine there are probably youtube videos about it.

  18. The more I read about he benefits of raw milk the more it angers me goverment intervention oppresses freedom. At the same time, the FDA is being funded by multi billionnaire pharmacy and food manufacturers. This corruption is sickening.

    • Yes it is, I’m seventy years old, when I was a child, my mother milked our cows, we drank the milk and ate the delicious butter, never forget that. I used to shake the cream in a jar and turned into butter. The milk is so good for us. Seems we have government interference for any food that’s good for people. I would love to drink some fresh milk. We never got sick from the milk.

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