Indiana Raw Milk Bill (SB398)

An amendment has been attached to an Indiana senate bill that would legalize the on-farm sale of raw milk.  Senate Bill SB 398, containing the raw milk amendment, could be voted on as early as this afternoon (Tuesday, January 31).
Please contact your State Senator to urge passage of the bill. Call, email and/or fax your Senator.
Two ways to find your Senator –  Enter your street address at
The sale of raw milk is currently prohibited in the state.
Senate bill 398 primarily concerns the regulation of pesticide use.  On January 30, the Indiana Senate voted 30 to 20 to add an amendment to the bill LEGALIZING THE ON-FARM SALE of raw milk if the producer either holds a permit from the department of agriculture or without a permit milks fewer than twenty cows.  Producers would have to register with the Indiana Department of Agriculture in order to sell raw milk.
The text of the amendment can be found at
Raw milk has a good overall track record for safety; no one has died from its consumption in the past twelve years while several have died from illness caused by the consumption of pasteurized milk.
Passage of the bill will:
1. Increase consumer access to raw milk and raw milk products, upholding food freedom of choice.
2.  Improve economic conditions for dairy farmers by enabling them to sell milk at much higher prices than they can get for selling the milk to a pasteurizer.
3. Enable dairy farmers to boost their income by selling value-added dairy products such as butter, cream and yogurt.

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