NJ Raw Milk Bill Hearing Tomorrow

A518 NJ Raw Milk Bill–Just learned of opposing testimony tomorrow at the hearing for the NJ Raw Milk Bill.
Thursday, February 2, at 2 pm
State House Annex, 4th floor, room 12
If you can come to Trenton tomorrow, please do so. Our raw milk bill needs as big a turn out as possible for this hearing.
As legislative schedules can change at the last minute, please confirm the hearing on Thursday before driving to Trenton — go to http://www.njleg.state.nj.us/, choose Assembly Committees, then Agriculture and Natural Resources, and click View Schedule, then the meeting date.
Please also call and email the legislators on the Assembly Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee. Please thank them for hearing the bill, and express your support for raw milk in NJ:
Nelson Albano (D), Chair
(609) 465-0700
Gilbert Wilson (D), Vice Chair
(856) 541-1251
Marlene Caride (D), new committee member
(201) 446-9233
Robert Clifton (R), new committee member
(732) 446-3408
Ronald Dancer (R)
(609) 758-0205
Tell your personal story of how raw milk has helped you and your family. Other important points are:
– consumer right to choose
– economic opportunity for NJ farmers
– keep raw milk dollars in NJ
Be sure to bring ID such as drivers license so you can get a visitor pass at the guard desk inside the building.
Use this address for online searches because the State House Annex is right across the street:162 W State St, Trenton NJ 08625
Local directions in Trenton from Rt 29:
– Rt 29 N or S
– Take exit for Calhoun St
(If Rt 29 S, choose ramp for Calhoun toward Capitol Complex)
(If Rt 29 N, choose ramp for Calhoun toward Princeton/New York)
– Hard right at light onto State St
– State House Annex is on right (across from Taylor St)
For more driving directions:
State House Annex: Between the state library and the state house, directly across the street from 162 State St.
For more help: (609) 292-4840 www.njleg.state.nj.us
Visitor parking: As soon as you get off the Calhoun exit onto State St, look on the right for the state museum. Right by the museum there is free visitor parking and there may be a state trouper outside to direct you into the garage, which is connected to the State House Annex.
Street parking:Metered street parking within a half block of the state house is safe. Requires frequent trips to feed quarters to the meter. Occasional spots open up during the day. Farther away is not safe as cars are broken into on a daily basis.
Reasonable parking also available at the Trenton Marriott Downtown (609) 421-4000
Continue down State St away from Calhoun
R onto Willow/Barrack
then L onto Lafayette
Ask the hotel for directions to the State House Annex.
Please contact Carol (carolrice@optonline.net) to offer or request a ride.
– Sign up at http://www.foodshedallliance.org/
– Garden State Raw Milk on Facebook
– Go to http://www.gardenstaterawmilk.org/
– Join http://www.westonaprice.org/, click “get involved” at the top
– Subscribe to bill alerts at http://www.njleg.state.nj.us/

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